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Chandan and Falguni work on alternate days; Chandan working on the 1st day, Falguni on the 2nd, then Chandan again on the 3rd followed by Falguni on the 4th and so on. In this way, they can finish the work in 25 days. The work done by Chandan varies every day and on any particular day d, the work done by Chandan is d units. Falguni works at a constant rate. The ratio of the work done by Chandan on the 1stday to that done by Falguni on the 2nd day is 1 : 4. The time Falguni alone will require to finish the work is _______ days.

given answer is 54.25 days

My answer calculated is 54.25 days but my doubt is here asked is number of days so shouldn't we fill(answer)  55 instead of 54.25 as days cant be in decimal

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@Mk Utkarsh

what will be filled 55 or 54.25 ???

i am getting 34.75 days as answer :/
yes that is my question if I am getting 54.2 days should i fill 54.2 or 55 daysy?

As she finished work on 55th day. and answer is asked in days
I think question is not saying upto 2 decimal places or 3 decimal places....we have to fill a whole number only...answer should be 55
Generally is it mentioned that if we need to put decimals  or not?

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