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I have appeared gate 3times

Got 27in my first attempt with college prepared little (3rd tier college we aren't taught)

Got 33with Job last yrar

This year will get nearly 45, paper was easy I could have scored 55but silly mistakes

I am gonna try again thoigh it's disappointing but still want to join iocl any how. Working 10-6 with 2hours of travelling

I am a slow walker as you see my scores

Pls suggest how to begin again and win this time
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I m also in same situation like u ,getting around 36 marks this year with job previous attempts were too bad  ,paper was really easy  did lot of mistakes that I couldn't imagine so thinking of again preparing bcs it's the only way to get what I want....

So I can just motivate u that bhai sb practice hai.... think less practice more that's it ..
what's your original id @testacc

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