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How to represent array expressions using DAG?

for example a=b[i]+c[j]

how to represent this using DAG?
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syntax tree represented by terminals and symbols

For that we need the grammar first. I mean what is syntax directed definition here?
why do we need SDD here? I'm asking how to represent this expression using syntax tree

if you mean expression tree then it will be like this :-

In-order traversal of an expression tree gives infix notation which is mentioned in the question.



is $b\left [ i \right ]$ and $c\left [ j \right ]$ is in terminal form?

Then how r u making syntax tree for it?




$b\left [ i \right ]+$ cannot be parse to a grammar, because it is not a handle

So, parse tree is not possible with it

ok ??

mam, as you said for parse tree , we need grammar which is not given in question.
sorry! it'll be DAG.. not syntax tree... I'm updating the question

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