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In second round of ccmt i got nit warangal cs-is and if i float again for third round i can get nit surathakal cs ,so for third round should i float or internal sliding for cs of warangal ??please help
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@Prateek Raghuvanshi

u ill get every nit , warangal might be better(as far I know, not very sure)

But r u not getting any iits??

ping arjun sir, and Digvijay sir for admission purpose...

you are active in go.. So they must help as per my knowledge :)

@srestha ma'am thank you 

no ma'am still i didn't get any offer and at my score there are very slight chance of old iits including iit h.


@Shaik Masthan thank u brother.


@Arjun @Digvijay Pandey sir help me

You should definitely float. But other than that is there any option?

Also no IIT interviews?
Thank u sir, i will float .

I didn't get shortlisted for interview  in iit b ra ,i have option interview at iisc research cds and csa  ,other than these option i am hoping for iit h ra .is there any chance for interview call from iit h ta??(gate score=733) and also have interview call from iiit h.
Nice 👍 you should get better than top NIT. If possible we can meet at IISc. I'll come there on Tuesday evening.
Thank you so much sir ,it will be great honour for me to meet you .

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