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Which of the following testing methods uses fault simulation technique?

  1. Unit testing
  2. Beta testing
  3. Stress testing
  4. Mutation testing
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Answer is D

With increased expectations for software component quality and the complexity of components, software developers are expected to perform effective testing. In today’s scenario, mutation testing has been used as a fault injection technique to measure test adequacy. Mutation Testing adopts “fault simulation mode”. It has been advocated as a technique for generating test cases by inserting faults in a program and the effectiveness of test suite is represented by ‘mutation score’. Thus, mutation testing is used as a measure of test suite robustness. Though powerful, mutation testing is computationally expensive, as many mutants need to be produced and executed. The testing technique address the problem of finding a small set of mutation operators and determining the efficiency of high order mutants using fragility values and fitness function, which are sufficient for measuring test effectiveness. The objective is to generate efficient and optimized set of test data in order to kill maximum number of mutants to achieve a high mutation score.  

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Ans : D

Mutation Testing is a type of software testing where we mutate (change) certain statements in the source code and check if the test cases are able to find the errors. It is a type of White Box Testing which is mainly used for Unit Testing. The changes in mutant program are kept extremely small, so it does not affect the overall objective of the program.

The goal of Mutation Testing is to assess the quality of the test cases which should be robust enough to fail mutant code. This method is also called as Fault based testing strategy as it involves creating fault in the program

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