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In the slow start phase of the TCP congestion algorithm, the size of the congestion window

  1. does not increase

  2. increase linearly

  3. increases quadratically

  4. increases exponentially

asked in Computer Networks by Veteran (59.4k points) | 1.5k views

In Slow start phase, window size increases by 1 MSS for each received acknowledgement and at the end of RTT, window size increases exponentially. 
So, (D) is correct option!

3 Answers

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increase is exponential in the Slow Start Phase.

answer = option D

answered by Boss (30.6k points)
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1*2 = 2

2*2 = 4

4*2 = 8 , why don't we read it as linear growth?
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answered by Active (5.2k points)
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In slow start cwind size increases exponentially & In Congestion avoidance cwind size increases Linearly.
answered by Junior (801 points)

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