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Which of the following algorithms is not a broadcast routing algorithm ?

  1. Flooding 
  2. Multidestination routing 
  3. Reverse path forwarding
  4. All of the above
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Answer : All of the above

Broadcast packets are not routed and forwarded by the routers on any network.
Broadcast routing can be done in two ways :
A router creates a data packet and then sends it to each host one by one. In this case, the router creates multiple copies of single data packet with different destination addresses. All packets are sent as unicast but because they are sent to all, it simulates as if router is broadcasting.
Secondly, when router receives a packet that is to be broadcasted, it simply floods those packets out of all interfaces. All routers are configured in the same way.This method is easy on router's CPU but may cause the problem of duplicate packets received from peer routers.

Reverse path forwarding is a technique, in which router knows in advance about its predecessor from where it should receive broadcast. This technique is used to detect and discard duplicates

Flooding is simplest method packet forwarding. When a packet is received, the routers send it to all the interfaces except the one on which it was received. 


@shiva can we do broadcasting at network layer ?

Sir, i think it is possible. Correct me if I am wrong. If protocol says router to forward a packet to all other connected routers, it is doing broadcasting.

Flooding and reverse path forwarding do this

@shiva  it would be possible to broadcast at network layer  then all the marketing company in the world will send you a Broadcast advertisement message to buy  their products  without your permission and all the computer network will fall down within few seconds due to congestion or other computer network issues.
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Answer B. Only multi destination routing is not broadcast routing algorithm

What is Broadcast Routing?

sending a packet to all other N receivers .

  • wasteful of bandwidth .
  • requires knowledge of all destinations

What is flooding? .

  • when node receives a broadcast packet, send it out on every link .
  • node may receive many copies of broadcast packet,
  • hence must be able to detect duplicates

What is Reverse Path Forwarding? .

if packet arrived on p ed on predecessor on shortest path to A, then flood to all neighbors . otherwise ignore broadcast packet - either already arrived, or will arrive from predecessor


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Broadcasting is used in the following situations:
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) uses broadcasting to map MAC addresses to IP addresses
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) uses broadcasting to dynamically assign IP addresses to hosts on a network segment or subnet.
Routing protocols use broadcasting to advertise routes.
What does advertise routes means ...
Advertising, in the context of computer networking, is the router characteristic for broadcasting network updates and changes.
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All of the above are example of broadcast routing....

Broadcast Routing

– Sending distinct packets

– Flooding

– Multi-destination routing

– Using spanning tree

– Reverse path forwarding



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