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Can someone make me clear whether segmentation method of memory allocation is free from internal and external fragmentation.? Also plz give valid explanation in support of your answer.
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Internal -no. Because we just allocate what we need.

External- yes. Because due to variable size allocation space can be wasted in between.
But sir I think internal fragmentation is possible if segmented paging is used then fragment possible in the last page of the segment which will be internal fragmentation..Correct me sir if I m wrong..

I think it is a good reference

if segmentation is variable partitioning then it is free from internal fragmentation , but not from external fragmentation

Thanks a lot @srestha..So we can say out of the available methods , segmentation is best method of memory allocation isn't it??

In case segment size becomes large we do paging of the segment..

segmentation is better than static partitioning. I think it is not best, as it causes external fragmentation. Some times paging gives better memory utilization than segmentation

For ur 2nd question ans is

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i think segmentation doesnt create any internal fragmentation as each module of the process is entirely occupied in the segment.
but it creates external frgmentation when we free one few segments...which creates holes.
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