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Recent questions in Analytical Aptitude

1 vote
2 answers
Six students $\text{P, Q, R, S, T and U}$, with distinct heights, compare their heights and make the following observations. $\text{Observation I}$: $\text{S}$ is taller than $\text{R}$. $\text{Observation II}$: $\text{Q}$ is the shortest of all. $\text{Observation III}$: ... $\text{R}$ is the same as the number of students shorter than ____________. $\text{T}$ $\text{R}$ $\text{S}$ $\text{P}$
asked Feb 18 in Analytical Aptitude Arjun 380 views
6 votes
9 answers
Given below are two statements $1$ and $2$, and two conclusions $\text{I}$ and $\text{II}$ $\text{Statement 1:}$ All bacteria are microorganisms. $\text{Statement 2:}$ All pathogens are microorganisms. $\text{Conclusion I:}$ ... is correct Either conclusion $\text{I}$ or $\text{II}$ is correct Neither conclusion $\text{I}$ nor $\text{II}$ is correct
asked Feb 18 in Analytical Aptitude Arjun 5.3k views
4 votes
4 answers
If $P = 3$, $R = 27$, $T = 243$, then $Q + S =$ ________ $40$ $80$ $90$ $110$
asked Feb 12, 2020 in Analytical Aptitude Arjun 3.4k views