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hello, i've just solved 2 questions among many, but i'm not sure i've got to the right result. could you check if i did it correctly(especially 2) as it's more complicated). both are over $\Sigma = \{a,b,c\}$ ... find the separating words between the equivalence classes. could you help me with that please? thank you very much for your help, really hoping i did it correctly.
asked Dec 7, 2018 in Theory of Computation csenoob 89 views
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Consider a regular language L over Σ={0,1} such that L contains every string which ends with "0". The number of equivalence classes in L is ______.
asked Nov 27, 2017 in Theory of Computation Parshu gate 505 views
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Can Someone explain what is Myhill Nerode Theorem and different Languages CLasses is ? ( please explain in detail ) Solution involving this as an exaple is prefered L={ank∣k>0,andn is a positive integer constant}
asked Nov 23, 2016 in Theory of Computation Anjana Babu 1k views
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The number of equivalence classes which exist for the following regular expression R are ______. $R=(a+b)^*b(a+b+\epsilon )$ what is the meaning of equivalence classes here...
asked Dec 5, 2015 in Theory of Computation resuscitate 4.5k views
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Find all the equivalence classes of Regular Language 011 (0+1)* 011
asked Aug 18, 2015 in Theory of Computation praj 1.6k views
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