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I am writing this post not to give any tips about the preparation strategy as it has already been given/will be given by many toppers. This post is just an attempt to motivate whoever is planning to take a drop. Last year (2017-18) was a nightmare for me and I ... me for that. Last but not the least thanks to my elder sis Trishna and my friend Sayan for supporting me throughout the journey :)
posted Jun 29, 2019 in 2019 2,164 views
I don't know whether I am the only one facing this issue.. The new notification thingy is not working from my mobile phone. When I press the N button no list appears but the color turns from yellow to grey as if they have been shown. ☹ I often visit this site ... and I am sure many do..I hope this message gets delivered to the concerned people who can actually do something about it. Thank you ☺
posted Aug 24, 2018 in Others 458 views