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I think follow(A) is given wrong. I am getting

follow(A) = {first (B), follow(S)} = {e, $}

in Compiler Design by Boss (18.5k points) | 156 views
see the last production..follow of A is follow of B also
I dont know why I am commiting small mistakes :( Anyways thanks
happens :)

2 Answers

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S-> ABA is a single production for S row and B->eA is single production for A row. So there is no multiple entries in S and A row.

A -> dA  enters at d column of A row and  A->Bc production enters at e column of A row.
A ->Ɛ enters at Follow(A)= {c, d, e $}

A ->Ɛ and A -> dA are in d column. and A->Ɛ and A->Bc are in e column.
by Active (4.8k points)
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yes u r crt only {$, e}
by Junior (795 points)
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