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How many distinct binary search trees can be created out of $4$ distinct keys?

  1. $5$
  2. $14$
  3. $24$
  4. $42$
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2 Answers

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answer - (B)

number of distinct BSTs = $\frac{^{2n}C_n}{n+1}$ (or) =$\frac{(2n)!}{(n+1)!n!}$

For a given Binary tree structure, there can be only $1$ BST. Hence, no. of different BSTs with $n$ nodes will be equal to the no. of different binary tree structures possible for $n$ nodes.

For derivation:

answered by Loyal (9k points)
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Yes it will be equal to Catalan no.
sir distinct keys does not mean labelled nodes?

no because distinct keys in BST must satisfy a property. while in a labelled nodes binary tree there is  no such restriction 

@Arjun sir

Distinct  Key  BST and Unlabeled node  BST Both are same and It is equal to Catalan Number?

Lakshman Patel RJIT  yes try creating distinct binary trees with 3 unlabeled nodes and also try creating BST's with keys {1,2,3} and it is unlabeled Binary tree not unlabeled BST


@Mk Utkarsh I'm little bit confuse

can you explain?

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Number of binary trees with n-vertices =2n!/n!(n+1)! =14 so option B is answer

answered by Loyal (6.6k points)

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