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What has to be the general and final formula for calculating the effective memory access time, taking in consideration the $\alpha$-level page table, TLB hit ratio as $h$, miss ratio as $m$, memory access time as $M$, TLB access time as $T$, page fault probability as $p$ and time for page fault servicing as $x$? There seems to be so many formulae, each different from each other depending on the question.
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You learn the meaning of the question you won't need to remember formula, try to understand what type of of memory system is there.

Reason is for this question itself there are many formula, is access time is absolute then one formula, if access time is relative then other formula, if memory access is parallel then another formula.

How much will you remember and what are chances that you won't forget it won't do any mistake?
Even when there are two questions of same type, sometimes the approach to solve one differs from the other, which feels like the solution is intentionally approached like that just to reach the desired answer.
if you are talking about gate question then please share link in comment of 2 question which are similar but apporach is different. will tell you how to decode it

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