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Which of the following has the compilation error in C?

  1. int n = 17;
  2. char c = 99;
  3. float f = (float)99.32;
  4. #include <stdio.h>
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The char data type stores any string of letters, numbers, and symbols. It can even accept signed numbers.

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None of them not even giving any compiler warning even with strict C standard.
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According to ISRO, answer is D option.
there goes a satellite in Bay of Bengal.
@Digvijay I suppose given the choices one should go with D because it is a preprocessor directive :)
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Yes ; all r seeming correct;

But a,b,c options are absolutely correct.

Now come to option D;;

Now Suppose User has installed TC & then he had move this into another location say D drive without intimating this change to TC. Then while compiling it will get err bcz it will search Library file STDIO.H in C:/TC/INCLUDE which is not available der due to users move operation;Hence it is one of the possibilities to Get Compiler Err.

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Good. But never say anything like this is any IIT interview. They will kick you out even if you spell Turbo C.

"stdio.h" is a standard header file defined by C standard. And "include <stdio.h>" is also standard way of including the header file. A programmer/user need not have to worry about the location of the header file here- it is up to the compiler to find that.
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By looking at them i would like say there is no error.

Here ans is #include<stdio.h> which is not appropriate but compared to other .Now See

int n=17; //No error since int value

char c=99 ;// char even take int so no error

float=(float)99.32 //No error float is type-casting

#include<stdio.h>//If you have single statement"#include<stdio.h>" Compiler  Simply generate error Undefined reference to main()

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