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Does anyone know exactly when official answer key will be out?
asked in GATE by (243 points) | 25.9k views

5 Answers

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GATE Official Final Answer Keys are out Now.

answered by Boss (20.7k points)
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I think Feb 10-11
answered by (73 points)
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In some site,it's gonna be released on Feb 15th..and actually it was today..then I have searched for key..I couldn't found any official link! It's mentioned that it gonna be declared around Feb 21st
answered by (21 points)
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the official website mentions 21st feb as its upcoming date for Challenges/Contests on answer key. So i think it will be released before 21st feb or on 21st feb.
answered by Active (1.2k points)
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most probably till next saturday. Dont trust official keys as of now. See go answer keys prepared by experts as its accuracy is 100% as seen from previous year analysis.
answered by (229 points)
can u please share the link of the site? For AR paper code.

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