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A pure ALOHA network transmits 200-bit frames on a shared channel of 200 kbps. What is the throughput if the system (all stations together) produces 1000 frames per second?

Please solve by mentioning step by step procedure!
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Throughput of pure aloha ,S=G × $e^{-2G}$. Where G is the average no. Of frames generated by system during one frame transmission time.

Transmission time =$\frac{frame size} {bandwidth}$=$\frac{200 bits}{200kbps}$=1 ms.

If system create 1000 frames per second  means  1 frame  per millisecond ,so G=1

S=$G×e^{-2G}$=0.135 that means throughput is 1000×.135=135 frames.only 135 frame out of 1000 will survive.
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