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Today IIT Kanpur offered admission to 5 students from waitlist (4th round) under general category however this time they did not release any waitlist. I was waitlisted at number 6 in order of merit after 3rd round, which should effectively mean currently I should be waitlist number 1. But since they did not release the waitlist this time around will I be offered admission if one of the students doesn't accept the admission offer or will the seat go vacant even if I am willing to take admission? Please reply urgently! Thanks in advance!
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If the seat become vacant, you can legally claim for it and you should get it. But do you have the guts to go for it legally? If not you can join wherever you get.
The same elitist attitude was shown by IIT Delhi this year by not maintaining a waitlist.
A few students who got selected in both IIT K&D chose K over D which meant the already miniscule amount of seats got reduced for some nonsense reason. I really don't know why students have to suffer so much?
If you dont know to fight for your rights, please do suffer.
Well said!

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what is your rank ?
answered by Active (1.1k points)
What does my rank have to do with any of this?

Refer to the comment section for his rank here


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