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How many gate delays are there in overflow for ripple carry adder?
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what's the given answer ?
it's confusing. at some places it is given 2n+1 and at other 2n+2

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If LSB also uses FULL Adder,(we can use Half Adder for LSB because we don't need carry-in).

For the first carry out, there will be 3 GATE DELAY: 1 AND, 1 EX-OR, 1 OR

For the next (n-1) bit , only 2 Gate Delay will be considered: 1 OR and 1 AND because EX-OR Operation will happen at parallel.


So total gate delay will be = 2*(n-1) + 3 = 2n+1 Gate Delay
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I considered XOR Gate as 1 Gate Delay, if we consider 2 Gate Delay for XOR GATE, in that case it'll be 2n+2.

the link you posted has considered 2 Gate Delay for XOR Gate 

can you provide me a good resource for this concept ??

in this pdf, they've considered NAND Gate implementation, it should help you with the idea.


thank you Aakash

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