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What are some reliable and good test-series for GATE CSE 19'?

Also, how many of them should I join considering that I spend the last two months of my preparation on them?
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sudo gate on geeksforgeek and virtualgate by techhd is free

you can join now hurryup and attempt first test now
What about this following


************ (R/a/v/i/n/d/r/a/b/a/b/u r/a/v/u/l/a )



and others

Why are those stars coming,



it is R/a/v/i/n/d/r/a/b/a/b/u r/a/v/u/l/a test series
Why is that so?

Haha, Is he Voldemort of GO? The one who is not named.


What about his test series?
b/a/b/u test series is very good and conceptual but costly
Cost is not an issue if the content is good.

I found that playlist of toppers on his YT channel, he has almost 100 students in top 600. Moreover, they reply student queries instantly and in much better ways so spending a few buks more is worth a money.

If u are saying dat it is Very good so definately I will condiser buying it in place of any two other tests.



What about others, are they worth buying?
i took the advise from my senior who got good rank air 14 ,56

they suggested b/a/b/u and madeeasy

but you should wait as the ranker comes online on gateoverflow  the will give the best answer because they have good knowledge of this field

that solve
Someone told me in PM that remove my questions/comments relating to voltermort else I will get removed by Arjun Sir.

I knew nothing about there fight, and my question or comments relating to his test series were genuin.

*** and Arjun Sir both are key figure in GATE CSE community so it is obvious and genuine that q's may get asked relating to them on any where on internet and gate cse related channels/site/pages


There problem is there problem and not ours or communities. Why should the community talk i'll or *** or xyz about either of them if one has the problem with other.


If Arjun Sir thinks that he owns this community then Arjun Sir please not only delete my posts and comments but ban me cos i don't to get driven by your views or what you think.


Maybe he owns this site but the community is built by contributors. If Arjun Sir has problem with someone that doesn't means we as community should have problem with him/her.

CJ147 don't waste your time discussing unnecessary things, you're wasting others time too because people like me here check almost all questions

Yes you are right. Todays is diwali and the day started with negativity.


Thank You for comment, I'll just ignore them and there threatening personal messages.


Happy Diwali!!!!

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Made Easy looks good.


But gateoverflow is good enough.

Be active on this platform daily. You will learn a lot about everything.

Also, it also has the very good topic-wise and full syllabus test series and that too free of cost.

Better try this and work harder here itself.
What about this paid following ones


******** Babu



and others
please share link of test series

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