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Why option A is wrong ?

It is contiguous allocation policy hence suffers fragmentation.

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I think its speaking about Direct Mapping in cache memory. If that is the case then choice C is the correct option.
I think they are talking about FAT with linked allocations, as in linked allocation with FAT can have direct access but suffers internal fragmentation.(I MAY BE WRONG)

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Direct access method:

  • It is a data access method, not a data allocation method.
  • We compare direct access methods with sequential access methods
    • In sequential access method, you are starting from the beginning and going through the entire record till you find the data needed.
    • Direct access method (also known as random access method), you can retrieve the data directly from where it is physically located. Thus allowing you to access files in no particular order. 
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Dhillu Thamb

Say its not about "Direct mapping" in cache..

Then , without contiguous allocation , how random access possible ?


Since both the Contiguous and Indexed allocation methods supports direct access. And the question is aimed towards the "memory access" since you're using it for the memory access, thus not resulting in any fragmentation.

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It need not be always contiguous,

indexed allocation has also both sequential and random(direct) access


where as linked allocation is only sequential...
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