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Hello Folks,

I have a query. In a hypothetical scenario, (not completely hypothetical) I have around 5-6 software development work experience but I am very much keen and interested in pursuing an M.Tech from one of the top institutes.

But, my B.Tech percentage is less than 65. (Though I had never failed in any subject) 

So, if I score below 50 rank or 100 or say below 200 in GATE CSIT paper,


Can I be considered for direct admission either to IISc or the old IITs?

Can someone elucidate slightly on the admissions process?

I had heard that IITB keeps a B.Tech cut off 75% and some IITs keep 70 (Delhi maybe) or above 65. I don’t know about IISc.

Can someone clear my doubts please?

So if the aforementioned percentages are strictly adhered to, then getting an all india rank of GATE-1 would not give me an admit? I am bit confused

Best Regards

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For IITB, the required eligibility criteria is First Class or 60% marks

Src: page 4 of



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