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I want to challenge the recursive question of gate 2019.Can u suggest what supporting document can be placed?
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8 Answers

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please do challenge the question because none of the option is matching, you may get reference from gate 2017 question on foo. Give proper justification of stack overflow, explain every concept related to recurssion, and if possible upload in one pdf.
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what about nor gate question?
can u please help me?

minimum 3 NOR gates are required,hope they will correct the answer.

we have to challenge the question.we does not depend on hope
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Here is the code running:  


It keeps on running for 15 seconds. 

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Gate 2017 question on foo function
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for nor gates answer 4 is correct.plz read the question carefully it asking for sum of product i.e. BD+B'D' not for product of sum.
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3 should be correct
i had read the question

the question say that it is expressed in form of sop but minimum no is 3
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52 is correct answer because in return statement post increment is there so initially it will return 7 itself.
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Are you talking about r();r(); r() ? you can just run it in your computer and see the output.
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i am asking about the question whose answer shoulbe not print anything and terminate.
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@mkagenius, @iiitnaveen we are talking about the question in which there is condition while(n<0) , whether it will terminate or not.

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The simple logic is the first three options were outrightly wrong leaving us with the fourth option as closest to being correct.I understand under an exam situation people would have skipped it in worst case but it was only if you could not rule out the other three options also don't you feel a person say has marked prints binary in reverse should he also get marks for this question(and even not penalized). What if this question becomes the decider between you and this person.
actually i want to challenge both question

the nor gate and recursion
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Recursive program without termination will give runtime error stack overflow and program will stop because stack size over.

So answer is no output and program will stop

No option matching...Precise and sufficient.
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