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I have got rank 56 in GATE CS 2019. I have some doubts regarding admissions and college. Some of these questions may be trivial but please bear with me.

  1. I wish to work on ML for Masters. I am considering only IISc Bangalore and IIT-B for admissions. Is there any other IIT which I should consider? Is there any other IIT which has an excellent CS department or which is better in academics?
  2. My personal preference is for IISc as I can take courses in finance. Does IIT-B provide an option to take inter-disciplinary courses in finance?
  3. I am applying for M.Tech in CSE and AI at IISc and CS at IIT-B. Is there any other post-graduate degree I should know about while applying at the universities?
  4. And how does one apply for admission at IIT-B?
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1) Try considering IIT Madras as well. Its CS department is one of the most sought after departments. I've got an AIR 60 and I'm applying for it too.

2) Not sure of the finance course(s) at IIT-B. However, I've heard that the undergraduates attend finance and entrepreneurship courses there. You could hopefully audit those courses.

3) Same here, with IIT-M being an add-on.

4) Get yourself registered on COAP first. Then visit,

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