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Which of the following gives O(1) complexity if we want to check whether an edge exists between two given nodes in a graph?

  1. Adjacency List
  2. Adjacency Matrix
  3. Incidence Matrix
  4. None of these
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Adjacency matrix . just check the ijth entry and jith in the matrix entry
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What about incidence matrix for it should also take o(1) time
No it will not. Incidence matrix is a matrix where rows represents vertices and columns edge numbers. We dont know the label of edge between $i$ and $j$ beforehand. So to check whether an edge exists between $i$ and $j$ , we will check each column in worst case to check whether both $i^{th}$ and $j^{th}$ contain 1 in the same column. So worst case complexity will be $O(E)$ in case of incidence matrix.
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