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In Multi-processing Operating Systems:
(a) Maximum utilization of CPU can be achieved
(b) Maximum throughput is achieved
(c) Maximum security can be achieved
(d) Not suitable for Real time Applications
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Answer is option b

Maximum throughput is achieved in Multiprocessing operating system.

We know that in multiprocessing OS,multiple processors work in parallel that share the same clock and other periperal devices.

Since multiple processors are working in parallel,so the number of processes executed per unit time increases.As a result,the throughput also increases.
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any effect on CPU utilization?

@Sreshta somewhere I read the answer was 'A' any comment on this one?

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Option (B):

As the number of processors increases,number of process executed per unit time increases which increases the throughput

If its about CPU utilization it may either be more or be less depending on the number of process at ant instant and also depends on the scheduling algorithms the individual processors possesses.
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