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int main()
    struct xx
        int x;
        char s;
    struct xx  *t;
    printf("%d %c\n", t->x, t->s);



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Error at printf statement
thats a typo- corrected now..

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 struct xx  *t;
//Here t is a pointer to struct xx

Assigns 5 to the int part of struct xx object pointed to by t. But t is not assigned any struct xx object to point to. So, this is doing invalid memory access and should result in segmentation fault. 

(similar to int *p; *p = 5;)


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there is no error in program other than printf statement

 printf("%d %c\n",t⟶x, t⟶s); will be the correct statement

only expession syntax will be there

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no. For every pointer in C, it must get a valid memory address before being dereferenced (using *).

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