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For F(x,y,z)=$\sum (1,3,4,5)$ , what is the number of implicants and prime implicants?
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prime implicants - 3

correct me if i am wrong
Can you please explain how you arrived at those figures?

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It's stupid to ask # of implicant , If you know what does implicant mean you can get it.

Here i tried to put

or otherwise

1,3,4,5 all product terms are implicant .

PI is good to ask and here it's 3 .

tell me if i have some flaw in concept.

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Implicant : "Any single 1 or any group of 1’s which can be combined together on a map of the function F represents a product term which is called an implicant of F.."

Prime Implicant : "A product term implicant is called a prime implicant if it cannot be combined with another term to eliminate a variable."

If we solve By K -map;

F(x,y,z) =xy' + y'z +x'z

Implicant : 2

Prime Implicant : 3

plz make me correct if i m wrong...

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Prime implicants -3

Implicants -2
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