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You can watch the below video for clearing concepts related to multi-level paging:


Arjun posted in Operating System Jan 27, 2019
by Arjun


  Day Date Contents Slides Assignments  1  Oct 31 Introduction to Operating System
Process, program, How process works?
Components of process 
fork() call- cloning, parent and child process, example program
       2  Nov 9 Process- process states- New(process starts but not ready for execution- 
waiting for resources), Ready, Running, Blocked, Terminated
Running to ready state- scheduler voluntarily stops a process(preemptive)
Running to blocked- I/O wait
Manoja Rajalakshmi A posted in Operating System Nov 23, 2018
CMSC 421 Operating Systems Lecture Notes (c) 1994 Howard E. Motteler Interprocess Communication =========================== (Section 2.2 in Tannenbaum) Interprocess communication is fundamental to - client-server applications (e.g. X windows) - modern threaded operating system design - many systems utilities in *any* OS (e.g. print spoolers) - parallel processing There are two general models of interprocess communication - Shared memory with synchronization operations - Message passing Shared Memory with Synchronization Operations ============================================== Shared memory must be managed carefully. Example of 2 processes writing...
bahirNaik posted in Operating System Feb 1, 2016
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