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The traffic lights at  three different road crossing change after 24 sec , 56sec , 36sec  respectively If they all change simultaneously at 10:00 AM. At what time will they again change simultaneously

  1. 10:16:54 AM
  2. 10:18:00 AM
  3. 10:17:02 AM
  4. 10:22:12 AM
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1 Answer

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just find out LCM(36,54,24)


now verify answer with n(216) for n>=1.
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Another approach could be :-
Find HCF .  
(Given Option) mod HCF should be 0   :)

lCM(36,56,24) = 504

I think all options are wrong
he posted question wrong.

instead of 56 there is 54.

please correct question.

option b is ryt
Yes, B is correct if it is $54$
Yes it is 54. I made a mistake while posting question. B is correct. I too got B

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