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The output of  a lexical analyzer is

  1. A parse tree
  2. Intermediate code
  3. Machine code
  4. A stream of tokens
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6 Answers

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option D will be correct..

Lexical analyzer take the source code as input and convert it into the stream of tokens as output....
answered by Veteran (27.6k points)
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Lexical analyzer scans every character of the input and divides them into individual tokens.

So ans is D.
answered by Loyal (4.7k points)
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Lexical  analyser takes high level language as input and produces stream of tokens as output
answered by Active (1.1k points)
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The function of lexical analyzer is to read the source program, one character at a time, and to translate it into a sequence if primitive units called tokens.

Answer: D (A stream of tokens)
answered by Veteran (10.4k points)
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Option D
answered by Loyal (2.9k points)
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Ans: D
answered by Boss (7.9k points)

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