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Which of the following statements is/are TRUE for undirected graphs?

P: Number of odd degree vertices is even.
Q: Sum of degrees of all vertices is even.

  1.  P only
  2.  Q only
  3.  Both P and Q
  4.  Neither P nor Q
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The No. of odd degree vertices in any graph is always even.

In any graph sum of degrees of vertices is twice the no of edges.

So, Both are True.

2 Answers

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Both are correct

P: sum of odd degree $+$ sum of even degree$=2\times \text{no. of edges}$

sum of odd degree$=2\times \text{no. of edges - sum of even degree}$

The right hand side must be even as the difference of $2$ even numbers is always even.

Q: each edge is counted twice so sum of degree is always even
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A and C are odd degree of vertices so number of odd degree vertices = 2 so P is True and sum = 3 + 2 +3 +2 = 10 which is even 

so P and Q are both true option C

answered by Boss (11k points)

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