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How many number of false essential prime implicants for the given Boolean functions f(A,B,C) = $\sum{m(0,3,7)}.$
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false essential prime implicants

means prime implicant but not essential

what is your answer?
False essential prime implicant means essential term while calculating POS not SOP.  answer is  2?
Yes, the answer is 2.

Is it $(A+B+C)(!B + !C)$.
it will be, B+C' and B'+C
I donot getting any reference in net

@Anu got any reference?

yes ans 2

@srestha  Book :FUNDAMENTALS OF DIGITAL CIRCUITS By A. ANAND KUMAR, Pg : 251 (Don`t know whether its standard or not as compared to Mano)

ohh , so good information :)

Ok, I got it.

"False EPI = EPI of POS form Kmap"

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in this case epi=pi=2 but if we are make single term ring in two pair  ring then it is wrong because here copletely share by two term ring   if cosider then it is wrong

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