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The question below consists of a pair of related words followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair that best expresses the relation in the original pair:

$\textbf{Gladiator : Arena}$

  1. dancer : stage
  2. commuter : train
  3. teacher : classroom
  4. lawyer : courtroom 
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Gladiator : Arena     

Gladiator fights in Arena. i.e. X(person) shows his talent at Y(place).

  1. dancer  : stage            Dancer dances on the Stage.
  2. commuter : train       Commuter travels in train or Traveller travels in Train. (commuter means traveller)
  3. teacher : classroom  Teacher teaches in Classroom.
  4. lawyer : courtroom   Lawyer practices law in courtroom.

Now if you notice option B, Train is not a place where as in all the other options we have a place (Arena, stage, Classroom, courtroom.) So option B is eliminated.

So, options $A,C$ and $D$ are left and we need to pick the best among these. i.e. a dancer, a lawyer or a teacher.

Among these the best option is Option D. lawyer : courtroom because we can relate a Gladiator with the Lawyer

The Gladiator fights in the Arena to win battles, similarly a lawyer fights in the court to win cases.

$\therefore$ Option D. lawyer : courtroom  is the most appropriate choice.

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Then why not A, D?
I think all A,C and D are correct.
You have to pick the best :)

Done , @Arjun Sir :)

and a dancer competes on the stage to win??
Not always...some dance and make videos on tiktok
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Gladiator : a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena

the most suitable pair will be option D

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Answer - D
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why not option A?
there is not fixed that dance can only be performed at a stage

but judgment always being performed in the courtroom
but it was mentioned as stage in the question

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