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A packet filtering firewall can

  1. Deny certain users from accessing a service
  2. Block worms and viruses from entering the network
  3. Disallow some files from being accessed through FTP
  4. Block some hosts from accessing the network
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A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network

A packet filtering firewall Block some hosts from accessing the network

Packet filtering works on 3 layer of OSI model .Most of the work is done between the network and physical layers.

it is (D) as answer
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worms work at which layer?
DLL layer rt?
i think worms, viruses, attacks happens at application layer
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There are three types of firewalls;-

  1. Layer 3 Firewall or Packet Filtering Firewall
  2. Layer 4 Firewall
  3. Layer 5 firewall or Proxy Firewall

As the name suggests, Packet filtering firewall can operate only upto Network Layer.

Options A and B deals with events at Application Layer.

Option C deals with Transport Layer

Option D deals with IP addresses at Network Layer, which comes under the operational capabilities of Packet Filtering Firewall.

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