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A starvation free job scheduling policy guarantees that no job indefinitely waits for a service. Which of the following job scheduling policies is starvation free?

  1. Priority queing
  2. Shortest job first
  3. Youngest job first
  4. Round robin
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what is yongest jobs first sheduling algorthms here??
any preemptive scheduling algo is not starvation round robin will be true here..youngest job firsr...dont know what but sounds preemptive

2 Answers

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Round Robin is starvation free .Each and every process is given equal CPU time .

While the other Scheduling policy favour a a particular type of process ( say shortest job first ) which will cause Starvation !
by Loyal (9.9k points)
why priority queuing is not the answer ...???
might be the case when lower priority process gets scheduled or prempted when long series of high priority process arriving in the main memory..but round robin can cause blocking but it ensure that each process will execute for time slice
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Round Robin – this gives all processes equal access to the processor. The other techniques each select some “types” of processes to others (e.g. short processes, high priority processes etc). 

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