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Consider the function $h: N \times N \rightarrow N$ so that $h(a,b) = (2a +1)2^b - 1$, where $N=\{0,1,2,3,\dots\}$ is the set of natural numbers.

  1. Prove that the function $h$ is an injection (one-one).
  2. Prove that it is also a Surjection (onto)
asked in Set Theory & Algebra by Veteran (68.8k points)
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can any body proof the onto part

1 Answer

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for every  value of (a,b) there exist value in co-domain set which makes it an onto  function here
answered by Loyal (4.5k points)
which makes co-domain = range here hence onto
Actually we need to prove it is a bijection or not, right?

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