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The set $\{1,2,3,5,7,8,9\}$ under multiplication modulo $10$ is not a group. Given below are four possible reasons. Which one of them is false?

  1. It is not closed
  2. $2$ does not have an inverse
  3. $3$ does not have an inverse
  4. $8$ does not have an inverse
asked in Set Theory & Algebra by Active (3.3k points) | 2.4k views
8*7=56%10=6..not in the set it is not closed ...why it cant be the anssssss
@asu Bhai question is bit tricky asked

they are asking which one is false.

Here 3 having inverse which is 7 .bcz 3*7=21mod10=1 //1 is identity element

but they are telling 3 does not have an inverse. So false.So C is Ans.

(8 does not have an inverse.This statement is true..but they asked for false. so it cant be ans)

3 Answers

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Answer: C

$3$ has an inverse, which is $7.$
$3*7 \mod 10 = 1.$
answered by Boss (33.8k points)
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The given relation is not closed also, 2*8 mod 10 = 6 which doesn't belong to the set. Can it be a reason for it not being a group?
yes , it is one of the reasons.
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Ans C.
answered by Boss (13.2k points)
In the question it is asked which is false. and given that it's not a group. As we can see 3 have an inverse which is 7 therefore this statement is false
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Hi , please correct me if I am wrong. The set is {1,2,3,5,7,8,9} and we need to do multiplication modulo 10.  So, 2 (multiplication modulo 10 ) 2 = 4 , which is not in the set. That means , it is not closed.

Please correct me , if I am wrong .
answered by Active (3.7k points)

You're right 0,4,6 are missing ; so for every n mod 10 = {0,4,6} this set is definitely not closed.

But trick is it is not closed is not false reason ; it's True.

Ohh yeah.. sorry didn't see the question properly. my bad :( . Yes , it is true. thanks
Question is asking which of the statement is not FALSE.. Yes it is not closed is a True statement.

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