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L = { ${\epsilon }$ } is a

a) regular

b) CFL

c) CSL

d) recursive language
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L = ϵ is nothing but Null string if we draw the DFA the first state is final 

It is Perfectly Regular and since it i Regular according to chomsky hierarchy it is CFL,CSL,Recursive

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Then it is also recursive. rt?
But epsilon is not accepted by a TM. Why?
does it imply that TM or LBA can be built to accept  L = {ϵ}

TM is nothing but Finite State Machine with 2 extra stack 

If  Finite State Machine + 1 Stack =PDA

Finite State Machine +2 stack =TM

So it is perfectly alright to say it is regular and since we can built a DFA so obviously yes TM can be build to accept  ϵ 


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