Recent posts in Preparation Experience

Recent posts in Preparation Experience


My name is Abhishek Pratap Singh. I got AIR-297 (Score 771) in GATE 2021. This is my story.



I did my B.Tech in CSE from AKGEC (a tier III college). I am 2017 batch pass out. I was placed in the bottom 5 in my engineering class. After college I delved into UPSC preparation. So for 3.5 years after graduation, I was not remotely related to any of the subjects of engineering and no work experience. I provided the above information to show the fact that I was not at all well versed with GATE subjects. 

Why did I switch from studying General Studies (History, Geography, Social Science, et al) to...

Abhishek pratap Sing posted in Preparation Experience Jul 25


This is me, a GATE 2021 aspirant. I have secured an AIR 784 (score 695, GEN) this year. Unlike many other aspirants, my Bachelors was in Electronics & Communications. Only course I did in my Undergrad (and that too in summer-term) was Data Structures and therefore I had no idea of other CSE subjects before starting my GATE preparation. 

The review of RBR was largely positive by the time I took his coaching. The first thing I saw was quora reviews followed by the demo videos. I was impressed by his white-board style and after watching 2-3 videos on DSA and OS, I decided to buy his coaching for full price...

sankalpmittal posted in Preparation Experience Jul 7

I am making a list of different types of numericals that can possibly come in GATE from different subjects…..


This list is not comprehensive, so please comment if you know any topics and I will append them.

N.B. Once we have all types of numericals, we can then have a post containing the formulas for these numericals....



cache organization pipelining

    3. Instruction format (COA)..




scheduling deadlock synchronization paging

     5. Tlb

asqwer posted in Preparation Experience Jul 5 retagged Jul 23 by asqwer
by asqwer

I am Jaynik Gaglani and have obtained AIR 26 in GATE 2021. My actual marks are 69 and after normalization I have obtained 72.89

I am a final year student pursuing B.E. in Information Technology from Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of engineering in Mumbai. It is a good college with good placements for CS and IT branches. I did not sit for placements except for 1-2 companies because my focus was completely on GATE.

Some tips and Advice:

Don’t rely on last month/week, try to finish everything on time. Past failures don’t matter, just keep interest in subjects and you are good to go. Please don’t...
PrimeJJG posted in Preparation Experience Apr 12 edited Apr 18 by PrimeJJG

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the freedom to do anything, especially to bear and support me. Our parents work very hard to give us a better life. And also thanks to all my friends, teachers, and aspirants here on GO, Special thanks to Arjun Sir.
My name is Nikhil Dhama, I got AIR 8 (980 score) in GATE CS 2021, This was my second attempt with full-time preparation.
Last year my rank was 1531, I guess this is enough introduction for me, I’ll get to the point now…


How did I prepare for GATE 2020?

I followed some coaching material(freely available, wasn't enrolled) blindly, I...

Nikhil_dhama posted in Preparation Experience Mar 21 edited Jun 9 by Nikhil_dhama

GATE-18 : In 2018 my father told me to appear for GATE exam as it is helpful in many Govt. jobs so I appeared. I got 14 marks(didn’t qualify).


GATE-19 preparation: In June 2018 I completed my UG(CSE) from 3-tier university. I was placed in a SBC(service based company) and most probably they would give joining letter in Nov so I thought of preparing for GATE as I had lot of free time. I started preparing from youtube videos but within a month I got joining letter from my company and I joined. With job I completed 3-4 subjects and appeared for GATE-19. I got 29.33 marks(didn’t...

sanjaysharmarose posted in Preparation Experience Mar 21 edited Mar 22 by sanjaysharmarose


Hello , my name is Bodhisattwa Dasgupta . This year I got 66.29 Marks and AIR 123 in GATE (CS) – 2021 , and this was my first attempt in GATE. It’s not the best rank , but decent enough to fetch me a good IIT hopefully ( hence the title...)


My Background:

I’m currently a final-year student , pursuing my B.Tech in CS at Future Institute of Technology , Kolkata. It’s a Local Private College here in Kolkata which was established just in 2015. I never was a good student at anything throughout my school days and most of my college life. I remember in 11th  class Mid-Year...

Bodhisattwa posted in Preparation Experience Mar 21

Hello fellow rankers, and future aspirants. Congratulations are in order for all the brilliant people whom i hope to meet soon, and also to the ones who weren’t fortunate enough to meet their own expectations this time around, but still have come out of this journey wiser and with renewed hope and determination for acing their next attempt.

I didn't plan on sharing my experience as there are already a lot of them out there which are a great read and frankly way more relatable to most people than what my experience is going to be.

Having said that, everyone is welcome in giving it a read and sharing their thoughts/comments/critiques, but do keep in...

rish-18 posted in Preparation Experience Mar 20
by rish-18
I started my preparation in my 6th semester of B.Tech . I completed my B.Tech in IT from VSSUT, Burla (a state government institute in Odisha). The lockdown for Corona gave me a lot of time to prepare for GATE and I was able to look after my college curriculum side by side in online mode. I prepared using online video lectures and practiced questions from GateOverflow (Use GO Book). All the Online lectures will help you a lot to build your basic concepts, but don't think that it is enough. You have to practice a lot of questions to get a good rank in GATE. Previous year question are best for practicing questions and to test your understanding of concepts. Before taking...
pranab09 posted in Preparation Experience Mar 20 edited Mar 21 by pranab09


There are a lot of preparation experience blogs happily shared by those who did well in GATE which you can see below. But as everyone knows, only around 500 people out of ~100,000 manage to get 60+ marks in actual GATE and for others, it is a disappointment. So, what happened to others? It would be good to hear this from those senior people (who got a below 500 rank in GATE). Those who got a rank worse than 500 in GATE 2020 or before, please share your experiences whether good or bad via the below form as that will be the best place for juniors to look up.


Form to fill GATE Experience: 

soujanyareddy13 posted in Preparation Experience Mar 8 edited Mar 11 by soujanyareddy13

I had prepared slides for a webinar – guiding my college Juniors regarding GATE and placements. Adding the same here.
Hoping that it will be helpful. :)
Link for the slides

rohith1001 posted in Preparation Experience Dec 10, 2020
If this is too long to read, here's the summary: 1. I found a good peer group to study with. 2. I used standard textbooks and standard resources for almost all subjects. 3. I realised that analysis of the mistakes I made in tests is more important than the marks that I scored. You can find the resources I used here: You can find my test series marks
goxul posted in Preparation Experience Aug 5, 2020 edited Aug 6, 2020 by goxul
by goxul

Hello everyone!

I am Aravind and I appeared for GATE CS in 2020, and I scored 82.67 marks and got 6th rank. This was my first attempt, in my final year of BTech. I have seen many students (including some of my friends) worked really hard for GATE but still not getting a good enough rank. My experience tells me that GATE CS requires smart work, and not just hard work, and I feel that was one of my biggest strengths. In this blog, I’ll share my own experience as well as some useful strategies and tips for future aspirants as well. I have broadly divided my preparation into 3 phases for convenience. (This is a long post, if you...

aravind1998 posted in Preparation Experience Aug 5, 2020 reshown Sep 17, 2020 by aravind1998

Hi. My name is Tamal and I appeared for GATE CS twice in the years 2019 and 2020. I secured ranks of 1309 and 188 respectively and I am writing this blog to share my experience of the same. I primarily wanted to share this because during my preparatory phase of a year and a half I had highs and lows. Well, mostly lows than highs. And blogs that I used to read on this platform really helped me a lot. So I just wanted to do my bit for this wonderful community we’ve got going here. I also want to point out that it might be the case that my blog will only feel relatable to droppers and circuit branch students but hey, if you’re not amongst them, feel free to read it...

tamaldeepmaity posted in Preparation Experience Aug 4, 2020 edited Aug 4, 2020 by tamaldeepmaity

Disclaimer: This post is very long. To see the gist of it, please click here.

A bit of my background

Currently, I am working as an Analyst in Deloitte. I first thought of preparing for GATE when two of my seniors from my BE college (UIET, Panjab University) achieved AIR-2 and AIR-140 and their photos were pasted on notice board. Then I reached out to my senior who scored AIR-140 and asked him every possible question I could ask about GATE and M.Tech....

prashant812 posted in Preparation Experience Apr 16, 2020 edited Apr 19, 2020 by prashant812

Hello, this is Shreyas jain, GATE2020 AIR 166. 

Backstory- After 10th standard , I went to kota with a dream of getting into IIT(obviously) . Then in 2nd year of kota when everything was going quite good then in the month of September ,dengue came and took away 2 months of my life leaving behind lots of syllabus to complete.In 12th standard i managed to get 89.2% in state boards and 149 marks in JEE mains and 90 marks in advance.My mains rank was around 28k and I got into JIIT noida (CSE) because i couldn’t convince myself to take a drop for a year (Fear of failure).

JIIT has a great coding culture...

shreys02 posted in Preparation Experience Apr 9, 2020 edited Apr 14, 2020 by shreys02

I was Interviewed for ECIL-GET/2018 Post in July 2018, at Hyderabad.

After the document verification, I headed towards the interview room.

The panel consisted of some 8-10 members.I told my fav subjects as OS,Data Structure, algorithms and Java.

Some of the questions that I can recall were :

(1)Types of operating systems and example of each.

(2)They asked me to draw the process state diagram and various questions related to each and every transition was asked.Like what is happening in the operating system, how and what data structures represent these states etc.

(3)Which Design of OS is best and why.

(4)Which is...

Ayush Upadhyaya posted in Preparation Experience Dec 13, 2019 edited Jan 6, 2020 by Ayush Upadhyaya

All about my GATE preparation Journey.

I will add more to it in due time.

Thank you Arjun sir, Bikram sir and all GO community for your awesome support throughout.A special thanks to my parents without them this journey would never have been complete.Also, a great applause for all Made Easy team, who guided me really well during my GATE preparation.

Ayush Upadhyaya posted in Preparation Experience Sep 1, 2019

Before you make a decision to repeat or not I would like to make two things clear:

(1) If you are getting a 3 digit or 4 digit rank this year does NOT imply next year you will definitely get a 2 digit or single digit. You need to earn it. 
Let’s assume 500 aspirants(much less than actual number) are repeating with this year’s rank within 5000, all of them cannot get within TOP 200. And final year students are also there to give tough competition apart from repeaters. You need to give your best.

(2) Set Target: GATEOVERFLOW is increasing the competition with every year because it’s free,...

Abhishek Shaw posted in Preparation Experience Mar 17, 2019

Hi, I am Parth Shah who secured 51 marks in Gate 2019(first and maybe the only attempt) and will like to share my story. If you are looking at how to get good rank than this blog might not be helpful but if you are looking for how to avoid the mistakes that can stop you from getting good rank than this might be useful.

First time ever I came across the GATE exam was while reading The Strategy posted by Ankita Jain(AIR-1 GATE2016). I too decided to prepare for GATE and like everyone dreamt of getting AIR-1. But as I was in the 2nd year of college I was not at all serious about GATE exam and thought there was plenty of time to prepare for GATE. I tried to read a...

Parth Shah posted in Preparation Experience Mar 16, 2019
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