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Which of the following addressing modes are suitable for program relocation at run time?

  1. Absolute addressing

  2. Based addressing

  3. Relative addressing

  4. Indirect addressing

  1. I and IV
  2. I and II
  3. II and III
  4. I, II and IV
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Relative addressing and based addressing are suitable. Is there any problem for indirect addressing?
Not preferable due to extra memory reference.

Indirect addressing means that the address of the data is held in an intermediate location so that the address is first 'looked up' and then used to locate the data itself

Refer this


Base addressing: The operand’s offset is sum of an 8 bit or 16 bit displacement and the contents of the base register BX or BP.BX is used as a base register for data segment ,and BP is used as a base register for stack segment.

Example:MOV AL,[BX+05]

Relative addressing:

   |jump|           offset             |    jump relative

   (Effective PC address = next instruction address + offset, offset may be negative)

The effective address for a PC-relative instruction address is the offset parameter added to the address of the next instruction. This offset is usually signed to allow reference to code both before and after the instruction.

Refer this :

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Answer: C

A displacement type addressing should be preferred. So, I is not the answer.

Indirect Addressing leads to extra memory reference which is not preferable at run time. So, IV is not the answer.
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Also, how can we use indirect addressing for program relocation? It would be really complicated rt?
What about indexed addressing ?

Will it be suitable at runtime ?
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It should be a displacement type of addressing mode so option c.
answered by Loyal (3.3k points)

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