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As write through strategy is mentioned shouldnt we take SIMUALTANEOUS access formula for both read as well as write?

when we will use read as parallel access formula?


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i think if we could have used simuletaneous access for read also...

will there be any need for cache memory? no na..

since read needs no modification we will not use simuletaneous access. 



ok so read is always Hierarchial?
and for write:
if write through then parallel
write back then hierarchial?
Write through only means that all the cache accesses also go to the main memory.

So even if you have a cache hit or a miss, the access time will be equal to the main memory access time.

For a read, we first check the cache. If it is not present, then we go to the main memory. Hence, in case of a miss, the access time is Cache Time + Main Memory time.
yes, so for read always Heirarchial access irrespective of write through or write back?
Everything is always hierarchical. None of the standard books mention about simultaneous access of cache, it's up to you to decide how the access is done now. I always take everything as hierarchical according to what's given in the books.

here for very same type of question they took ONLY Tm for read miss

please tell one concept as its diff everywhere
thanks in advance : ) 

shall read always be taken as Hierarchial? as everytime only the writing strategy is mentioned.
Read is always hierarchical. Also, the average they've calculated is incorrect. With 750, 45 has to be added as you'll have to look into the cache before declaring that it is a miss.

thanks @Gokulnath, but could you please help me with this?
why simultaneous taken here instead of heirarchial?




it's hierarchical only check one more time we always don't consider the hierarchical for read because if question specify something for simultaneous or hierarchical then we consider according to that. If you will notice in first question which you have mentioned in question there is word like "memory hierarchy" so thats why we were using hierarchical access there but in second question its nothing mentioned like so if i go according to all previous year gate question by default we used hierarchical access.

Hope this help.


@Shubhgupta yes perfect!
so as in 2nd also they didn't mentioned anything so it should have been hierarchial only right?

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