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No use in ruing about the past. We may or may not get through this year but no one can take away the knowledge that we've gained over the past few months. I completed my undergraduate degree in a mediocre institute and I did not even know the basics properly. Almost all of us focus only on our programming skills and ignore everything else. But the journey we went through over the past few months changed all of that. Let's be happy for that. Remember friends our success is not denied its merely delayed. GATE is not the only way to reach that. Thanks to GATEOVERFLOW community for playing a big role in my GATE 2017 journey. 

posted Feb 12, 2017 in Preparation Experience by Active (4,709 points) | 647 views


Thanks for the words kaushik....I am working as a data warehouse developer and I took leave from office to give GATE this year seriously.However I don't have much hope after tomorrow's average performance. But I can certainly say the knowledge and practice I gained especially in the field of Discreet mathematics will certainly help me in coming years in the field of data analytics and business intelligence.
Absolutely Right Kaushik, I became a better person while preparing for Gate, Learnt so many new concepts and this exam was a wonderful experience for me. I believe whatever happens, happens for a good reason and remember result is not yet out. :)
Well said.
Truely Said.

Journey is the real achievment.

The thing we learned throughout Gate'17 is the real achievement. The struggle we did is the real asset .

The result is only the symbol of ur achievment.  

All I Mean  is Journey has more value than symbol.
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