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I know this is not a big achievement but i feel , the journey i went through or the mistakes I did is worth knowing for future GATE aspirants so that they nail the exam with flying colors . 

I would never recommend any aspirant to change their stream in GATE unless there is a very strong reason .

I recently had an interview with GO classes ( GateOverflow ) where  I have shared my entire journey .

I will attach the link herewith.

My favorite quote- “ The more you sweat in practice , the less you bleed in battle “



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I’m Siva Kumar Lakkoju and this is my story. (Sorry for a lonnggg post)

(You’ll understand the first half of the title after reading this)

Chap. 1

A journey started 3 years ago, when I just realized a non CS student can study CS formally, there were two options, go to the US for an MS or GATE CS which I came to know accidentally that non CS students do take up GATE and study MTech CS at various institutions. The first option soon becomes impossible, bcoz of my low cgpa and lack of projects/internships within the CS domain(except some experience learning DSA)

I decided GATE is the only option to pursue my passion i.e. CS, and I had to convince my parents about this, especially my father, since he is in academia himself, he tried bringing in his colleagues from CS dept to try and convince me to not take up GATE CS rather finish my btech and prepare for GATE Chemical and for other govt jobs. But I was adamant, and stuck firm to my decision.

This was mid Nov 2018 just finished my end sem exams and started preparing for GATE using gfg notes but I felt something missing and thought of opting for video lectures(didn't know about of GO yet) I did take one  continued with gfg notes, could only study dsa(from gfg) , toc, cd(covered from those videos) and maths ofcourse prog i used to practice easy ones on spoj etc. I only scored 37 in GATE 2019, ranked 7823.

While I'm not happy with this, my parents were, because they thought despite being non CS I scored this much, little did they know that majority of the score came from apti and maths.

While many of my friends are getting placed through on campus placements, my graph started coming down, since I didn’t attend many lectures from Jan to mid Feb(75% required), although many professors accepted my GATE CS reason for skipping classes, one faculty put a W grade(backlog) . So I had to repeat one lab in the 2nd semester of the next academic year. 

Back-to-home I was laughed at by my own aunt’s family bcoz being from such a good college let alone getting placed I didn’t even graduate.
While my parents also got angry, there’s nothing that can be done. I have to prepare for this entire 5 months before going to college(in Dec) and finishing the damn lab and getting that piece of paper(read degree). 

Chap. 2

I came to know about GO this time, and after going through few blogs and hearing to Arjun sirs’ video on youtube, I decided this time I’ll study entirely from standard books(I purchased 2nd hand), also ordered my GO books, started preparing one subject after the other, making notes, although studying from books is taking a lot more time per subject. Come the month of Oct, my grandfather was hospitalized, and I couldn't touch the book for almost a month. Nov I wasn’t getting back on track, I could not just study anything, while my parents thought I was studying seriously. Went back to clg in Dec 2019 and attended the labs while still not getting back on track. 

Result, I didn’t qualify for GATE 2020. That day, since I was away from home my parents didn’t say a word but told me to finish the lab and get the degree. The pandemic has started and is rapidly spreading, 21 days lockdown. I was stuck in Nagpur, finished the lab but left with the submissions and exam which happened online, passed the lab. But the lockdown kept extending, with only 2 people in our flat,me being the cook :p, somehow we safely stayed till the lockdown partially opened and trains for stranded students started. I applied for PGEE MS(despite knowing my profile won’t suit the program) in the month of march but the exam was postponed, so alongside cooking I was just practicing apti and revising some technical subjects. When I returned via the special train, I was taken to a quarantine center(with a bunch others who came from the same train) 50 KMs away from home, with our bus escorted by 2 police cars and not knowing where we were being taken. Although we came to know when we reached the center but it has 0 amenities, anyway this is an entirely different experience, I was there for 10 days tested negative and returned home on May 15th, studied for a month staying away from family(coz of the covid fear) June 25th was PGEE but I wasn’t shortlisted.

My father saw CCMT spot round notification and thought I will get UOH(based on my GATE 2019 score 433) and asked me to apply and take it. But bcoz my cgpa of 5.94, I was not eligible for CCMT. I didn’t inform anyone about the eligibility but said I’ll prepare for GATE 2021. 

GATE 2021 and beyond….

This was the month of July and I started again preparing for books, this time I only took one test series(Applied GATE), updating my previous notes. solving from standard exercises, making short notes for revision, giving topic tests, till September. Then I had to look after some repairs at home for almost a month and a half which was important and I was the only one available for the task for 45 days. I hardly studied an hour or 2 these days, but that was it, no test series.

Everyone knew I had to study but no one was actually free to take up the task. Remember last year it was a similar story, I was studying, a month of gap, not being able to get back on track. I felt this was going to repeat this time too. Anyway mid November after the task finished, I started revising utilizing as many hours per day as possible. I gave all the left out topic and subject tests till December but scored only 10 - 12 on avg out of 25. On Jan 1st my first Applied-All India Mock, I scored 27. I felt even this time I’m not gonna get anything good in GATE. But I kept pushing , trying to solve 1 full mock a day, and noting my mistakes, 32, 45, 40, 46, 57(this was the easiest mock of Applied this time, highest was some 90+), these are the first few scores. Anyway I didn’t bother much about comparing my marks with others, but kept revising from the short notes I made before, score slowly started improving on average every mock I’ve given from Jan 2nd week till the last All India mock on 7th Feb I scored in the range of 50 - 70 mostly north of 60 but I’ve score some 50s too. 7th to 12th Feb I was only revising from the short notes and my error book.
D-Day, Set 1, yes I got lucky, but it has slightly trickier MSQs than MCQs. Although I got most of the MSQs and NAT right, I did blunders in some of the easier MCQs, I scored only 55/100(actual score). AIR 834, Score 688. My parents' instant reaction was not congratulating but saying they expected me to rank around 3k, but not under 1000. 

Then again I was only eligible for IISc, IITK, IITM, IITH, IIT Ropar, IITGn, IITTp (IITs only coursework program, while IISc I was eligible for both the types). I was rejected by IISc(MTech(R.)) and IITGn(MTech). I belong to OBC,so, I got IITRopar CS in the first round and kept retaining till 3rd. Now I had to make the decision whether to reject and wait for IITH or accept Ropar. Till 3rd round only thing I knew was IITH is possible in the additional rounds, but these rounds also carry Risk with them, which I can’t take bcoz I clearly don’t have other options in hand at that time. I accepted Ropar happily. I had also applied for IIITH and ISI, although after GATE I was preparing for interviews and written tests for IISc and other IITs, after I was not sure of getting these. I started focusing on ISI prep after COAP round 3. I am also allotted IIITH MTech CSE :) but still I’m waiting for the ISI results. Hopefully I get that.

For all the future aspirants, I want to say: If you keep pushing yourself, good opportunities will definitely knock the door.


Thank you for reading patiently :p

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This was my third GATE attempt


I would first like to thank all the writers of GATEOVERFLOW who have written such brilliant answers and offcourse Arjun sir for making this site a huge success/

I joined GATEOVERFLOW in june month last year, it has been one year, and right now, this is the time, you can make your own success story.

I would like to share that, I have been offered seat at IIIT Delhi MTECH CSE, and two interviews are scheduled for me in the upcoming week, one is MTECH CSE IIT JODHPUR and one is IIT BOMBAY MTECH EE Research Assistant.


I have accepted seat at IIIT DELHI and I am feeling so good

Thank you arjun sir for everything. Words are less to thank you.


motivational story

I passed 12th in 2014
Then I took a drop year for jee mains prep.
I wasted my time there.
then I joined a lower IP University College
I was very low and didn't know why I am doing engineering at first.

during coaching from 2014 to 2015 I learnt that physics and chemistry is not my cup of tea
I honestly don't know why I joined computer science and engineering.
but in the fourth semester, something interesting happened.

I started learning graph theory, algorithms design and analysis, theory of computation, databases, discrete maths etc and started to fall in love with computer science.
from failing jee mains two times with marks 25, 64 in years 2014,2015 respectively

I somehow managed to get 1st rank in College for the very first time in my life.
I still get nostalgic about that day.
then I again topped in sixth semester
by this time I was already teaching algorithms on my youtube channel.
I didn't know something big is about to come.
in the seventh semester I got first rank in university among 1900 students

Gave gate exam three times in year 2019,2020,2021 with AIR 5777,10917 AND 1922 respectively.

So moral of the story is

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by ijnuhb
Hello guys.

A lot of you recently saw my post on Facebook and gave it a lot of love so firstly thank you for that.

I thought why not make a small(actually long) motivational post to encourage all future aspirants to give their best shot at this much coveted exam.

So i completed class 12 in 2016 and aced my boards exam.But also ended up messing up my JEE mains.Did decently well in WB-JEE with a rank of 1739.Upon recommendation by some people,I joined Heritage institute of technology but didn’t find the cost to value ratio of the college good.No offence, its still a great college,but given the financial condition of my family i decided to somehow prepare for WB-JEE again and enter Jadavpur University(fee rs.2500 per year), no matter what branch i get.So gave WB-JEE again, got a rank of 3349 and got admission into Printing Engineering.Sadly I was not able to fulfill my parents dream of seeing me behind the gates of IIT.I had always loved Computers and wanted to pursue computer science as my career major.

One good thing I learnt about in Heritage was about GATE exam and how it could help me realize my dream of studying Computer Science from an IIT. So basically, my plan was pre-decided since the day i enrolled in Jadavpur University, to study and prepare for GATE.

Since I was from a different department and had to literally study like 2 engineering courses(printing and computer all core subjects),standard books weren’t the optimal choice for me. So after some research, I ordered made easy postal study material in an attempt to study and prepare on my own. But as you may have guessed,it failed.Colege pressure and lack of motivation denied me any progress whatsoever. But my money or study material didn’t go into vain. You’ll know later why.

So in my second year,I contacted Gateforum(closest institute to where i stayed in Kolkata).They told me that for Jadavpur students they would offer 50 percent off on all courses.So i decided to take up classroom course,but in the last moment for some reason decided to add in the usb course too. So I started attending GATE classes on weekends and tried to study during weekdays by keeping my college attendance minimum.Things went well few few months but then again as luck may have it, Gateforum ran into some problem regarding their classroom building and they had to shift centers and all that.As a result,my Gate prep totally slumped. I ended up not attending college and also not studying properly for Gate.Wasted a good 6 months like this.Completed only like 3 subjects that too not properly.

Come march 2020, lockdown was announced and I had to go back home.And lo-behold, my usb course that I had purchased came in handy.I dont know how,but being at home and seeing my parents struggle to make ends meet,it sparked something in me. I decided then and there- “I WILL GET A JOB AND CLEAR GATE AS WELL”.Also a lot of people tried to demean me due to my department,due to fact that I was a fitness freak, because I played computer games and because I was in a relationship.They meant to say that all my focus should be only on studies.My motivation was not to prove them wrong, but to prove myself right and be an example for many people.

I started preparing hard. Spent 5-6 hrs on a daily basis watching lectures and making notes from usb lectures.At the end of every subject, I would solve all the past year questions of that subject.This ensured  that I was practising while even during the process of making notes.By the end of september,i completed note making of the entire syllabus.Remeber I had taken postal course of madeasy? That came in very handy in clearing my theory doubts,conceptual doubts were cleared via gate overflow.So with a combination of gateforum usb course,gate overflow and made easy postal course books i was able to build a good foundation for all subjects.

Then all i focused was on rigorous in depth revision as many times as possible till the day of Gate exam and solving as many questions as possible.I solved questions from a variety of sources,subject tests being the main source.By mid of december I had given atleast 3 subject test of each subject with about 6 full revisions.Then i started giving full tests,I remember scoring only 55 which really made me sad.I thought my preparation wasn’t good,but after reading some motivational articles, I decided not to give up till the very end. I ended up scoring an average of 70 (across all test series combined) and average of top 30 ranks in tests. I was confident that if a paper is difficult for me,its difficult for many others too and not because my preparation was very weak.

I spent januaray 2021 giving full tests and deep revisions of subjects.I didn’t give many tests in the month of februarary and mainly focused on revision and staying healthy.

Also point to be noted during my entire preparation,I always kept sunday as rest day,worked out 2 hrs 6 days a week and played games 1 and half hours daily

On the exam day, I didn’t focus on getting some rank or some particular score,but only to give my best.(Ofcourse deep inside i wanted a top 100 rank cause i had prepared so hard).I gave the exam well,didn’t really panic or all that,but maybe due to lengthy paper(I was in set 2) I made some crucial silly mistakes in haste,like in the multiplexer question i found the correct answer and marked the wrong option(-2.66),in big endian question I selected an extra option,realized it but ran out of time to uncheck it(-2) and a few other mistakes which cost me a top 100 rank.But its ok,given the nature of set 2 most of the candidates suffered.

I came out of the exam,happy about the fact that i had given my best.Ofcourse in the upcoming days,I used to get sad whenever i used to find i got a question wrong,and also remember crying when I realized what I had done in the multiplexer question.So this continued for few days then everything seemed normal,until the set 2 syntax/semantic question controversy(ofcourse I am a syntax guy).I challenged that question with many others,but that answer wasn’t changed.

Result day-Opened portal:Gate rank-206 Gate score-798

Mixed feeling for first few seconds as rank predictor had predicted rank around 170-180.But then I realized in my mind-

“Dude.You are a guy from printing engineering.You are a guy from a department  that people used to mock saying stuff like ‘what the hell is printing?,surely u cant code?, leaving cs in Heritage was a big mistake’ and all of those kind comments.Why are you sad? You beat all adversities to get a rank of 206 in an exam of 1,01,922 candidates ,you beat many guys from CS department.You fulfilled the target you had set.You are going to fulfill your and your parents dream to study from an IIT(touchwood).Yes  marks more would have fetched you top 100,but on contrary 4 marks less would have taken you out of top 700.Be thankful to God for this gift.Enjoy the moment!”

Also during this time(mainly march to september) I had being doing competitive coding on codechef and codeforces every other day,devoting 2 hours to it.I sat for Hack with Infy competition organised by Infosys,cleared both rounds and an interview to get placed as a System engineer specialist(5.5 lpa) in the month of september.I was also shortlisted for TCS digital but due to covid-19,they had imposed one job rule in my college which was not there earlier.So my target of being placed in a decent place was already completed quite early and I could devote full time devotion to Gate.

So thats all guys.Just wanted to convey a small chapter of my life.I hope you find some inspiration out of it if you are in some low phase of your life,or just in general.

Remeber guys,if you work hard everything is possible.Apart from Gate and placement, I also did internship in IOT,as a journalist, learnt playing guitar,sang on stage,built a good physique in gym, and did  countless other things.I was and still am in a relationship since 5 years.It didn’t hamper my preperation whatsoever, because I always had my priorities set right.The money i saved by enrolling in JU came in very handy especially during lockdown.So no regrets of being a graduate in printing either.I am forever indebted to the almighty,my parents,my grandmother and my girlfriend for the way they always supported me.

Remeber,if you give your 100 percent,there is no chance you ll get a 0 in return.Always give your best and be thankful for what you have.Whatever happens happens for good.If you are focussed on your life goals and know what you want out of your life,no one can stop you.If a guy from printing department can do it,you can too!

Hope you achieve all your dreams and make your parents and all your loved ones proud.Best of luck.Peace out <3.
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My journey of gate 2021


Some facts before the start of this post and requests.

1]please don't get offended.

2]modi hai to mumkin hai(take it as you want)

3]Mitaoe is best college in india


Hello guyz

This post is regarding Gate results 2021 CSE.yesterday Gate results are announced and 

I am here to share my journey with you people so that it may motivate you and help you in your life.some 100000 people have written gate cse 2021 (don't know exact count just like the government dont have data of death of  covid warriors).


Yesterday i got air 477 in gate cse 2021 my marlks were 58.07 and my score was 738 out of 1000 it was one of proud moment for me(feels like ab bolna madar****).


Now why I decided to give gate first of all.

I was in my second year happy with life for no reason .I wanted a good internship. Someone motivated me by saying “paisa hi paisa hoga” ,I worked hard ,I did projects,I learned hell lot of things.Now something very bad happen to me (no not breakup you dirty mind).i applied to amazon for 6 times,flipkart 2 times,uber 1 time,no replies not even “sorry we can't go forward with your resume reply”(gazab beizzati hai yarr) .some people called me for interview and these were their replies(“we can take you but you have to pay fee”,”we can take you but you have to work for 9 hrs without stipend”,”you are good but we will give stipend only to top3 interns as they are from **** colleges``,”we pay but only to college recruits you are not selected in your college that's why you are here so we will not pay you”).Now I almost ended up dealing with numerous people and my whole hope was lost. Don't  want to say but  tear fall from eyes don't know how and that day i was just feeling like fuck i am the dumbest kid in the world and shittest in terms of knowledge.After that i decided to give gate.


3rd year first semester i collected all important subjects notes and decided to prepare on own but very sooner i realised(“beta tumse na ho payega “).I decide to prepare with coaching.Me with my partner(gate partner bro) sahil joined gate ,he was having bike so no wastage of time and join this institute cant take name but yeah it is best selling in at least pune.and now this shityy people have their coaching for 8 hrs and that too fees is hefty and also only 2 days a week .they complete subject in 2 days believe me gate subject completion in 2 days is just too quick even johnny sins cum at lesser speed than these.and just after some months of joining corona came and fucked everyone of us completely.but our coaching was so cooperative that they forget to contact us for four months.yeah four months ha matlab log bhul jate hai quiet understandable.


Somehow i managed to complete the syllabus before october from different sources(i will make separate posts on sources)and started with test series.i join made easy,ace academy,applied test series this year none of them were useful though bit of madeeasy,applied was good.i was consistently scoring around 60 in each tests which i used to give made hell lot of friends on facebook(don't consider angel priya i broke up with her).these people help me to solve enormous amount of doubts and not to mention they were top rankers like air 237,air 477,air 300 ,446 something like that and finally on d'day we all made it .


Key learning from this post

1] be in contact with toppers they will  help you a lot in your journey

2]join gateoverflow,gate cse zeal both these groups on facebook if  you aim for gate(it helps alot)

3]try to give enormous test don't solve same question twice

4]repeat revision otherwise no results just make it like a habit of night you know what i mean(3 nights in a week)

5]keep in contact with friends gate is for one year and friends are for life 


Note:those who are confused with jobs and higher education from a dream place believe me you are going to do a job for the rest of your life but the environment you will get in these 2 years is something which you can imagine and can never your life to the fullest and never leave any regrets.


For study material i will make a post along with each topic and will post it today only thanks if you have come up till here bit sarcasm in post just to help you to don't get bored.


Sources which i followed for my preparation

1]nptel lectures just few for important topics like dma

2]gateoverflow solutions they serve as as bibble for me during my entire preparation 

3]some classnotes which i made and notes of some dedicated teachers which i find in telegram groups




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Hey everyone!!

I hope you are doing awesome.

Introducing myself a bit, I got under 100 rank in 2018 and now heading to complete my masters from IIT-M this summer. Thankfully, I’m placed in one of the big 4. I want to share some of my (personal, debatable, probably biased, unorganized) views on many not so related things mostly about IITM, which I hope can be helpful for the community.


  1. I chose IITM even after receiving offer from IITK and IITD because of many faculties working in ML. It turned out to be a good decision in this respect because there are indeed many faculties working in this area and lots of good courses are offered each semester. So, most importantly, do check the program structure, its flexibility, and the courses offered of each insti from their official website. P.S. IITM reduced the number of courses to be done in first year from 9 to 8 and only 2 courses will be mandatory which are ADSA and APL. I mentioned this here because the committee recently took this decision and it might not have been updated on the site.
  2. M.Tech. at IISC or IITs is definitely a rigorous program and you are expected to put good amount of effort. So, please come with a mindset that you will be required to STUDY.
  3. Being good at Math actually gives you very good advantage in most of the courses. And since CGPA matters, Math will matter too. :p
  4. You will do yourself a great favor by improving your programming. It is one of the biggest predictor of success at IITs. It gives you an edge not only in courses but also in getting internship or placements. I repeat, it gives you a very significant edge. Some professor here, often discuss this in the class committee meetings that many M.Tech. aren’t good at programming. So, please try to improve it even before you take the admission.


  1. IITM is allowing students to do summer internship and companies come in their first sem to recruit them. Many are likely to receive PPOs. (I had also received PPO but I’ve declined the offer.)
  2. (Warning:  Lot’s of philosophy but I just wanted to write this down somewhere, feel free to ignore this point though). I encourage people for research, acads and other activities but still if the only thing you’re focused at is placement here comes an arguable piece of advice. If you’re at a place where your peers are less capable than you, you are much more likely to get good placement as it’s very relative process. I got this advice from a smart person on GO fb group back then, I researched on it and I also think that it matters. So, for example, IITK takes student with programming test, people there on average would be a better programmer. This increases the competition. And the only thing you have to judge your peer group before admission is their gate score. Many great companies visit at least all old IITs. So, I dont rank the IITs on this parameter but you can do your research and ONLY if you believe this factor might play a role, take this into account. But I think it is very less likely that anyone would like to consider this as people like to associate themselves to the best institutes that they can get but that’s okay too. 


  1. IISC is definitely great for research but you miss out on quite a few cool things about the life at IITs. The competition with CS B.Techs., Thrilling Placement Season are just some of the many precious experiences.
  2. B.Tech. guys are fun and you can make friends with them. I have never ever observed any superiority complex in them. This year 2 out of 4 major international job offers were fetched by M.Techs.
  3. Talking about other general things, Campus is beautiful and filled with greenary, Climate here wasn’t much of an issue for me though it’s surely hot and humid, a mess which serves food without root vegetables was so relieving for me as it saved me from a lot of hustle.

Thank you. I wish you lots of happiness and success.

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Ankur Barick posted in Motivation Feb 7, 2020
Hello All, I think everything is almost cleared now, As usual GO answer key must be 100% accurate and Praggy Sir’s prediction is a sure shot thing. Now what to do?

Many of you need to face some interviews, tests, coding rounds, etc. Special range for this is (120-500). I already told in my last blog, everyone will get what he/she deserves. But still if your rank is in the range of 300-500 you still have another chance to get an admission to IISC CSA, CDS RA, IITK, IITB RA, IITM MS, IITR, IITG, IITH. But the thing is except IITR and IITG all others have coding round or interview.

Even after cracking the GATE, What exactly teachers of these colleges expect?

Answer is quite simple many of you have some hard luck or because of some silly mistakes, will get a rank maybe in the buffer of 50-200 low. So still they think these people deserves another chance and that’s why they call you as well.

Now my main motive of this post is not to give brief about admission process but to tell the importance of coding. There are many students who are below 1000 but still get nervous while writing a code. So I request you please pay attention on this field specially. If you are thinking life at IIT will be chiller then this is wrong, you might get bigger assignments, strict profs, morning lectures everything. And most importantly almost every company during placements just focuses on the CODING only.

Now you have almost 3 months in hand just try to practice 2-3 codes a day that will surely helpful. Without coding CS guy is nothing.

People who are worrying about the results and all the post GATE things, just think about yourself, your condition, limit of patience, self confidence and then take appropriate decision.

All the best :)
Ashwin Kulkarni posted in Motivation Feb 15, 2019

Thank you everyone who has responded in .


especially @mehul vaidya. For you advice. As of now I am preparing for BARC , IIIT-H, ISI ,CMI, VITMEE , Manipal and BITSAT. I am confirmed to get in VIT and Manipal and i will try for them again. In advance I would like to know about M.Tech in VIT or Manipal. Are they good for my career and health (I have heard some bad things about VIT). Also if any suggestion for preparing for IIIT-H and BARC will be very helpful.


Although I have no hopes for getting in NIT or IIT I would like to know how to prepare for the tests and interviews in IIT/NIT for M.Tech. Any and every tio will be helpful

Thank you everyone.

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Hello All, I am getting 60.33 marks (general cat.) in gate 2019 cse. Expected rank -715-730. Score 711. As I know I have very less options for getting admissions in iit’s and my best option is iiitb. As I have low cgpa in btech (6.74) . I also has affected my chances of shortlisting in MS/RA interview in iit’s. Now I am feeling low as I can’t have much in my hand.Please suggest some good options for me to take admission.

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by raahul
Hello my dearest student,

Keep ur best in those 3 hours till last second.

Don't spend  more time on one question only.

Complete exam in 2.15 hours  only, remaining time try for leftout questions.

Don't regret after exam so plan now to give best shot in those 3 hours.

Go to exam centre before one hour. Don't eat nonsense.

Gate exam is not life, it is one of the best opportunity to show ur ability, so keep ur best.

If you get good rank then one of the good dog will marry you, otherwise  good pig will marry you. So finally you will marry, don't worry.

I know very well  u will give ur  best shot  because all of u did hardwork

All the very best
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by eyeamgj

Hello all, I wish you all the very best for GATE 2019. Tomorrow will be your day. Don’t change your strategy of solving the paper just by listening to anyone today, keep it yours :) All the top ranks are waiting for you all ;) Enjoy the paper as well, it will be surely a great experience!!! 


Ashwin Kulkarni posted in Motivation Feb 2, 2019

All the best for GATE 2019. I’m sure all the hardworking people here will be smiling after GATE. Questions being tough or easy is irrelevant as it is a competitive exam and you only care for rank (converted to GATE score). This will be the 5th GATE exam after GO was started and I’m pretty sure we will have the maximum toppers this year. Once again all the best 👍

Just a side note: things do not finish after GATE exam. Many of you will need to start interview preparation. 

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by Arjun
For  Next two days i am not in the  mood of working on any electronic device … lately i am spending more time on youtube  after every one or two hour study ,there is 1 hour youtube  :)  so i think its good time to leave gadgets ….so best of luck from my side  to everyone , hopefully everyone who worked hard will get their results ….

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Hello All… I hope everyone is doing great with the GATE ‘19 preparations :)

Some of you might already know me. Well I got some calls and messages in my inbox for some motivation, I thought I should post something for you all. 

Well It’s more or less 20 days remaining for GATE 2019. Hot time in this cool season huh!!! Some of you are getting great scores in all the mocks, some of you are struggling with it and maybe some of you still not started giving mocks yet. Don’t worry still you have 20*24 = 480 hrs in your hand, out of which each day 7-7.30 hrs of sleep is must so, 480 – 20*7 = 480 – 140 = 340 hrs :) (If you are prepared with almost all the concepts then this much time is enough ;))

Irrespective of all in these 20 days, just think positive about everything, I know it’s hard but still you can manage to do it ;) Many of you are still in the range of 50-60 marks don’t worry just try to revise your mistakes, try to remember the things conceptually that will help you in the exam hall, and try to increase at least one mark everyday! Don’t think about college and all the post GATE things, you’ll get plenty of time for that after 3rd Feb. 

Don’t see others’ marks just try to increase your marks as well as positivity everyday. You will get what you deserve surely. Many of you will say GATE is not everything but just give it a try as it is everything for you in the upcoming days. And I can assure you, you will get best of best after cracking the GATE exam. After all IITian tag ki abhi bhi bohot Izzat hai!  

I won’t say you should do these things and should not do these things, after all it’s all about personal planning, but I would say whatever you’ve planned just try to follow it completely. Do not demotivate after getting less score than expected in some of the mocks, rather try to analyze your mistakes. And try to complete the mocks in 2.15/2.30 hrs so that you will get plenty of time to correct your silly mistakes (Yes I know, those mistakes are hazards :p)! And I know many of you will get scare by seeing toppers’ marks in many of the test series, I still remembered, at my time someone got 95-98 marks in the mock and I got just 60-65 :p But remember GATE 2018 topper also got 83 marks :) So Don’t get scared because of that marks just try to put all your efforts in and get as much as you can! 

Finally try to revise the things everyday with proper schedule, try to read the best posts of Arjun sir and all the awesome GO members, try to utilize your time, and don’t give more than 2 full length tests in a day (I would suggest only one is enough for a day in the same time slot as per your hall ticket), it won’t help you rather it will exhaust you :(

Most important, Try not to fight with the parents because of pressure and frustration, try not to break up with Girlfriend/Boyfriend, just try to revise the concepts in the mind all the times. Try to talk everyday with your loved ones.

I hope you will give your best in the GATE 2019. All the top ranks are waiting for you ;) 2019 will be awesome year for you all ;)

ALL THE BEST :)  Many wishes from Guwahati!!!

Ashwin Kulkarni posted in Motivation Jan 12, 2019
For the last 15 days I am not able to concentrate properly. As a result my output has been reduced very much. I am wasting this precious time. Can you please suggest a few techniques to improve my concentration at this moment.
Psnjit posted in Motivation Jan 9, 2019
by Psnjit
Please seniors and others who gone through this exam(such exam), guide us to tackle the exam. Tomorrow is the exam day.
Dilip Puri 7 posted in Motivation Apr 20, 2018
Hello friends..I don't know whether this is the right time to discuss these things or not.but I am feeling very disturbed and don't know with whom should share these things that's why posting here.

So here is my story.. I completed my engineering last year from a tier 2 college. From campus placements I don't know maybe I was lucky I got a decent package offer from a product based company.I don't know why I did that even after getting so many negative feedbacks for not accepting the job offer.I went on with my decision to reject the offer and prepare full time for gate.. without coaching.

So , I started preparing and prepared like a maniac, from 9:00 in morning to 2:30 night . I got a good grip over all subjects except mathematics.. I was all set for the judgement day but couldn't perform. and when went through solution of some question most of them being wrong according to scholars on this website. I attempted 51 questions but am getting only 45-50 marks which is going to fetch me >2000 rank.. So no hope from gate..

I dropped one year don't have good practical skills or projects , internships while in college. So bleak chances of making it to IIIT hyderabad or ISRO. as they require mainly experienced or students with good project work internships academics . where I lag terribly.

Now I don't know what to do next..I was so much dependent on gate that I messed up every other thing.

I don't have guts to drop 1 more year doing nothing sitting at home(surrounding pressure, Increasing year gaps etc.). I know this is not the right time to discuss these things but I am feeling very frustrated.. might lead to depression..I have no one to share my feelings with .. So I thought maybe ..

I can't even express my pain when I started I aimed for AIR 1..Maybe such expectations led to this condition of mine.

When I rejected the offer everybody was against me but I went ahead..listened to nobody..Now I am left deserted all alone with no options, broken dreams.. Don't know what to do next..Even after studying that hard like a maniac I am getting nowhere.

And for me it just proves sometimes hardwork doesn't pay off..

I request admin and moderator Not to delete this post ..I just wanted to share these things with someone..I am not forcing anyone to suggest anything or motivate me or guide me just wanted to let it out ..
lucifer_50 posted in Motivation Feb 20, 2018
After working 2 years in an MNC now, just the thought of leaving the company to pursue my masters is so exciting.

This will be my first time taking the GATE and I hope I keep the same motivation during the examination.

All the best everyone. I hope everyone gets what they deserve.
Warlock lord posted in Motivation Feb 2, 2018
The biggest question which lingers in everybody's mind is how to reach the maximum level of their potential. At the same time without being exhausted. The clue lies in personal satisfaction.Make a checklist and assign each task a time. Some tasks are urgent,while others could be done in long run. Planning at times may fail but the execution of plan is what matters. Be your own version of a punctual person. Do imbibe others but don't lose your uniqueness. Pat yourself on the small targets that you achieve on seconds,minutes,hours and eventually day basis. Be optimistic in every situation and circumstance. Human Life is precious and one day we are all going to depart. Ensure that the last day of exit be a grander one. If you are failing, you are indeed progressing. Anyways I will not extend much. Just change your outlook and perspective you view at the things.

On a Final Note:
You could view Problems as
L-Lessons to
in short "Problems"
Devshree Dubey posted in Motivation Nov 14, 2017