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Hello All, I think everything is almost cleared now, As usual GO answer key must be 100% accurate and Praggy Sir’s prediction is a sure shot thing. Now what to do?

Many of you need to face some interviews, tests, coding rounds, etc. Special range for this is (120-500). I already told in my last blog, everyone will get what he/she deserves. But still if your rank is in the range of 300-500 you still have another chance to get an admission to IISC CSA, CDS RA, IITK, IITB RA, IITM MS, IITR, IITG, IITH. But the thing is except IITR and IITG all others have coding round or interview.

Even after cracking the GATE, What exactly teachers of these colleges expect?

Answer is quite simple many of you have some hard luck or because of some silly mistakes, will get a rank maybe in the buffer of 50-200 low. So still they think these people deserves another chance and that’s why they call you as well.

Now my main motive of this post is not to give brief about admission process but to tell the importance of coding. There are many students who are below 1000 but still get nervous while writing a code. So I request you please pay attention on this field specially. If you are thinking life at IIT will be chiller then this is wrong, you might get bigger assignments, strict profs, morning lectures everything. And most importantly almost every company during placements just focuses on the CODING only.

Now you have almost 3 months in hand just try to practice 2-3 codes a day that will surely helpful. Without coding CS guy is nothing.

People who are worrying about the results and all the post GATE things, just think about yourself, your condition, limit of patience, self confidence and then take appropriate decision.

All the best :)
posted Feb 15, 2019 in Motivation by Boss (18,821 points) | 1,374 views


Thank you for this post. This was a much needed change of perspective for me. We have all ignored coding during our preparation for GATE so I'm sure all of us are feeling our coding skills have rusted a bit. It'd be great if you could write a post (or just direct us to one) on how to pick up coding back quickly. Online resources to practice/learn coding questions, how to prepare for coding interviews and any helpful tips and such
are most of teacher at IIT (in CS department) are good at coding? or they just give assignment and expect you to complete it somehow on your own?
@mehul vaidya we cannot judge the IIT professor's coding skills, sometimes you love the assignments sometimes it is boring. Every teacher follows his own method, everyone has own expectations.
Yes. And there are some professors who "can be" amazing coders but hardly ever code. This is because that is not their job and they use their time for doing better things.
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