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I searched throughout the internet and was not able to find a single blog that would provide any information about MTech CS written examination of ISI Kolkata that happened on  18th July, 2021. I have made this blog for starting a discussion about the paper and know what might be the expected cut-off this year. 

I attempted MTech CrS, Math section for PCB and was able to solve 4.5 questions out of 10. I did around 20 questions in PCA from which 3-4 I know  are incorrect. People who attempted  this year, how did your exams go and what do you expect from it? Also, what might be the tentative date for results? Also, I have a 2 month...

pussyDungeon posted in Others Jul 23

The main point is – GATE exam is lot conceptual & it is easy if your concepts are good, It is better to give more time to concepts.

Even if you have less time, at-least get the syllabus, get the topics in syllabus & study those topics from text books. After that see GO book for different variety of questions .


Then do a couple of questions from each topic, move to next one as soon as you are comfortable. Make sure you revise the concepts regularly & be confident..…

Anyway those who are preparing are expected to cover all topics by this month end. And they should be scoring 60+ in full length mock tests or minimum...

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by asqwer


The importance of previous years’ questions on Gate Exam is very high, most of the question in gate exam revolve around the previous 15 years questions....

These previous years’ question will give us a good understanding of what types of question they will ask in the exam, so we can make our preparation in that direction....


If I revise a subject, I take previous GATE questions and see if I can solve them. If not I revise again. Finally I'll solve them even after 1-2 days….

For ambiguous, confusing, difficult questions solutions might be worth looking.

But anyway after maximum 10 questions from a...

asqwer posted in Others Jul 4 retagged Jul 23 by asqwer
by asqwer

GATE Topper Algorithm

1. Check topics from this document

2. Study Them From Any Standard Textbook, Else Go To Nptel

3. Try a couple of simple questions from end chapters to know if you understand basics of that topic

4. Try GATE previous years related questions

5. If you find some questions in GATE papers not related to the topic you studied, go back to Step 2. ..


Before using the book 1. The books and video lectures mentioned are the best possible sources for the subject and you can choose one of them or as needed.


For doubts regarding books and videos...

asqwer posted in Others Jul 3 edited Jul 23 by asqwer
by asqwer

I made a progress tracker sheet to prepare for GATE 2022.
To make your own edits: Go to File>Make a copy.
This document is very versatile & has many useful features for preparation analysis.
You can edit to your liking.
It contains 4 sheets within it: schedule, test_series, topic_analysis, print_schedule

Sheets Description:

schedule: This sheet is based on the GO...
hitchh1ker posted in Others Mar 24 edited Mar 24 by hitchh1ker

Hello Everyone,

Gate result is out,  Please log in onto the appsgate website and check your result and let’s discuss here, what is the possibility about the colleges and arjun sir please update the college predictor app with the new gate result

shgarg posted in Others Mar 19
by shgarg

For those waiting on GO book for GATE 2022

PS: Exact PDF version will be made available and only those interested in hardcopy needs to fill in there interest here. This form is just for knowing interest and those filled will be informed when GO book prebooking starts. (We wont spam you or sell your emails)

Last book details can be seen here on Amazon including book images and all.

gatecse posted in Others Mar 7 closed Mar 8 by gatecse
by gatecse

IIT Bombay has released Response key for gate 2021, you can check that on GOAPS. I hope gate overflow will provide the correct solution and rank predictor with normalization very soon. Let’s discuss here if you find any anomalies around the gate cse exam 2021.

shgarg posted in Others Feb 18 edited Feb 18 by shgarg
by shgarg
Hello Guys ...We can Discuss all Gate 2021 Shift 2 related Questions and doubts here. Please post your answers and any doubts here.

My thoughts on paper 2: Paper 2 was bit lengthy , as some questions were really time consuming. Also MSQ were bit tricky, I have seen paper 1 also, and it seems that paper 2 was bit tougher than paper 1, hope normalization would do some Justice.
himanshu19 posted in Others Feb 16

JEST 2021 Registrations are open.

Last date for submitting online applications and payments: 14 February 2021.

Exam date: 11 April, 2021.

JEST can be used for admission in IMSC and IISC.

Useful blogs regarding JEST:

Shiva Sagar Rao posted in Others Jan 11
Watch this video, In the video, I have explained in a much greater detail  


$\text{C programming data structures and algorithms}$

Question on function scope on automatic and register addressing mode

what would be the output of a function was given inside which there was again a recursive call to that function with pre decrement operator and after that printing the value of x

Two questions directly from master method case 2 and case 3

1 question on associativity and precedence order

which sorting algorithm is stable the answer was counting sort and merge...

ijnuhb posted in Others Nov 2, 2020 edited Dec 8, 2020 by ijnuhb
by ijnuhb

Many institutes consider JEST score for selection including IISc Bangalore, TIFR, IISER and many more good institutes.You can check the list of participating institutes in official site.

JEST(Joint Entrance Screening Test) is conducted in many field and TCS(Theoretical Computer Science) is one of that field. This exam is conducted after 1 or 2 weeks of GATE and forms are out in December.Mode of this examination is offline. Duration of this exam is 180 minutes out of first 75 minutes are given for PART A and remaining for PART B.

JEST TCS exam is divided into 2 parts.

Part A (Objective)

Part B...

Navneet Singh Tomar posted in Others Sep 1, 2020 edited Apr 26 by Navneet Singh Tomar

PGEE 2020 was conducted on 24th June 2020. I took it, my center was Rajkot, Gujarat. As they do not publish previous year papers, I thought some immediate memory-based topics which were most asked in the paper would be useful in coming years.

First paper was Aptitude:

Syllogism was asked extensively, prepare it really nice.


Comprehension based questions were easy, not much in content, but you must be ready to read longer paras than in GATE.


The questions based on figures(which is figure is different), those were as extensive as syllogism.  I haven't saw much of them in GATE/maybe a few, but in PGEE, it was...
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We just had a major server upgrade and so some bugs are expected. Please list down any issue you are facing since today. You can also add any other bug which was already present.

Also, there are some new themes to try out if you are interested.

Muffin Theme which has both Light and Dark Versions Frapuchino – for Desktop Aven
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by Arjun

I am sharing my email coversation with IITGN academic department. 

I have asked a bunch Question, since little to no information is provided by the IITGN on their official website.



MY MAIL ————>




I am considering to apply for the PGDIIT, but there is little to no information provided about this program on your official website.


Here are some major questions regarding the program.


1. What is the fees of PGDIIT program ?


2. Will IITGN allow the students of PGDIIT program to sit for the...

TheDaniel posted in Others Mar 30, 2020

score card available for download

mehul vaidya posted in Others Mar 18, 2020
mehul vaidya posted in Others Mar 18, 2020

BARC 2020 Paper :

Every Year students search BARC previous year paper.Here is this year exam paper. Hope this blog will helpful for future aspirants.not all the questions but most of the questions are covered here.

Slot 1: Date 14/03/2020 


1) C programming & Data Structure:

A)  C programming pointer     declaration Expression was given, asking about which one is the correct expression, you can refer the similar  type of question here: 


Hira Thakur posted in Others Mar 16, 2020 edited Nov 18, 2020 by Hira Thakur

I am a 2019 Btech - CSE graduate with a CGPA of 7.49. My 2019 Gate score is 655. I heard that course is new, and not much information is provided in their site.

Do I have a chance with my current score ? Will there be an interview ?

Thank You
parabol posted in Others Mar 15, 2020
by parabol
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