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Hello Guys ...We can Discuss all Gate 2021 Shift 2 related Questions and doubts here. Please post your answers and any doubts here.

My thoughts on paper 2: Paper 2 was bit lengthy , as some questions were really time consuming. Also MSQ were bit tricky, I have seen paper 1 also, and it seems that paper 2 was bit tougher than paper 1, hope normalization would do some Justice.
posted Feb 16 in Others 5,472 views


I am sure i won't cross 55 Marks in Shift 2 CSE 2021.

 Should i start preparing for Interviews and/or other exams like for BITS and others,by trusting the rank of Rank predictors which will release about in some days. Also one confusion i have about preparing for interviews is that

I feel i won't even get a call from most IITs (as of general category), so starting to prepare so early seems a waste of time. Also can't predict exact normalization until the results. i am confused , what to do?
I am getting around 65.67 using some coaching center keys... in session 2 in CS. What can be my possible rank range???
You remind of that one person in school who secured 95 marks and crying because of 5 marks lost. Why are you worried bro, Here we lost entire hope because of the difficulty in 2nd shift and there you are worrying about interviews before results. Great bro keep it up!
Which answer key is more accurate Applied Gate or Made Easy ?
Can anyone please just give a tentative idea to which year this years marks and iits cutoff will resemble as in 2018 2017 both yr cutoff was expected to be 25 this year also acc to g.o prediction its 25
@simar11498 This year the cutoffs would be like 2018 or 2013. Though the toughness of paper was comparable to 2013 and could be said even more tougher due to MSQs and shuffling. So at least it sould be like 2018. It may also be like 2013.

@yuiopahBnmi you may very well be under 200 due to normalization

The Pragy App marks some correct answers as incorrect, making the GO score predictor inaccurate.
this year normalized 600 score m kuch soch skte qa iiit ya iit(lower)


Should be possible

@simar11498 What marks are you expecting? I am getting around 47
Please guide regarding RA too I Have heard top iit call for RA even in 900-1000 rank holders Also please can someone give the link for 2018 pdf of coap in which there is offer acceptance information of students
For a rank lying in the range of 250-350 ...What offers can one expect???(for general category) To be quite honest I gave gate with almost zero expectations and now I am getting around 65 marks in session 2. And I am bit confused on what I will get from these marks and what more should I be doing for successfully bagging a seat in a good IIT in a good program. Please help.


Thank you vey much @zxy123 for your previous reply.

is there any dispute on the answer to this question..?

in the gateoverflow link besides the answer given matches with what i marked...?

In 590 gate score this year in set 2 Should i keep any hope to get decent college Please Plaease help
Getting 48.66 in 2nd set what could be possible range of score and rank. Can it follow 2018 trend?
How accurate is GO rank predictor 2021?? It seems like the ranks are stabilized by now... Can I start the further steps based on the prediction... It currently estimates my rank to be in 179-253 range... Iam getting really anxious and worried ... As I am unable to understand what to do and what not to do proceeding further. I belong to general category.
Same feeling brother, I'm expecting 200-400 ranking, have you started preparing for interviews?
@ZXY123 after 8K+ submission can we say that the top 500 ranks are fixed.

And why this time the range varies too much unlike last year.
I tried preparing for interviews... but the anxiety is so high that I am hardly able to concentrate even for half an hour. So then dropped that Idea and I will start preparing for interviews after the results are announced.(hopefully result favour m aajaye bas :) )
@yuiopahBnmi be optimistic and start early.
Any date for final answer key release ?