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This is coming from a 2020 B.Tech CSE graduate who wrote GATE.

I had the opportunity to sit for IIT Madras MS interview during the unprecedented corona times. So I attended the interview online over a Google Meet link. 

There were around 5-6 panelists. However, only 3 of them took my interview. The first professor very politely asked for my introduction. 

Q1) Tell me something about yourself. 
A1) Name, College, Subject interests etc. 

He being a Bengali himself and knowing that I did my graduation in Bengal, asked if I understood Bengali! 

Then he went on to handle the process to another professor. The next phase was Programming Assignment in C/C++. I was first asked to write a code that returned kth element from the start of the Linked List on a shared document. I only had to complete a function. There were no formalities like compiling the code although the function had to be completed with proper syntax in C. The same had to be modified then to return kth element from the end of the Linked List. 

After the programming test, I was asked the subject of interest for the next phase. I was comfortable with Data Structures and Algorithms so told them so. 

The third professor asked questions from the subtopic - Stacks and Queues. Initially, I was expected to give their definitions and other properties. He then went on to ask me about the implementation details of a queue using stack and vice versa. This question really got confusing as the professor wanted me to optimise the implementation and do minimum movements. 

The interview ended at a very good note as all the interviewers were helpful and polite. They assisted me whenever I got stuck at a use case or so. 

Verdict - Selected
(Although I joined IIT Kanpur M.Tech)
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what was you GATE score and rank ?Anyway congrats .
Thank you.

GS - 772

Rank - 349
How many marks did you score in the exam? this will give us an idea while preparing for gate.. Thanks in advance.. by the way Congrats..
Thank you. Marks out of 100 were 64.67.