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I am writng this on behalf of my friend. Any suggestion or advice will be very helpful. Please be kind do not bash.

My friend is 29 year old. He will turn 30 in few months. He was working in very good company but had to leave it due to some family problem.( In total he has a work exp of 2 yrs).Last year mid aug he started to look for job but he didnt got any due to so much gap.(3 yrs gap). I advised him to write gate he appeared for GATE to get into some psus and with 3-4 months of prep he was able to get a decent rank. around 800. Now he want to write gate again next year but with a job( He thinks he may get bsnl jto this time) or by taking admission in some lower nit( he is not intrested in doing mtech his prioirty is to get into some psu.) He belongs to OBC NCL so he will be able to fill form of most of psus.

He is confuse whether he whould prepare for gate or not, or continue looking for job.Will his gap in job will create problem in psu interviews or iit placement interviews? Is it worth to try one more year for gate or should he continue looking for job which is very difficult for him to get now?
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Good chances of getting IITG, if he works hard there he will get very good job.
800 rank in OBC NCL should get IITG/H/R or sometimes even better. So, no need to repeat.
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