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How good is Mtech/MS(R) from IIT Ropar CS.I have been called for Interview for the same.

Please Help!
posted Apr 13, 2017 in Others by (475 points) | 797 views


Just like that!
I'm not sure of the reason but in most IITs or any top college if any good girl student applies she gets in. Main reason I guess is to increase the gender ratio -- in my bachelors in CSE we had 8 girls out of 59 and during Masters 3/51. Even during my Ph.D. (in France) entire team had just one lady professor and she was complaining for all meetings she had to go as there was no alternative.
That might have been very hard for you sir(pun intended).
^Not really. I started B.Tech. in Meachanical where there was 1 girl and 119 boys :)
That seems really horrible :p :D
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